VIDEO: How We Made $10k More By Firing A Realtor

“We had great trust in you two. What A Relief!”

See what Mark & Annette have to say about how they sold their Ogden Utah house and made $10,000 more by firing a Realtor. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript

We hired Joel and Ann Zieve because Joel came to our house. He was the very first Realtor that came to our home after we took our house off the Market. We thought, “Wow! He’s been watching! He knows what’s going on in the Market!” And so, when we decided it was time to sell, we called Joel.

We did! I’m glad we did! We had lots of friends, and we didn’t want to have a friend for a Realtor this time. We wanted to have somebody that meant business; ended up having a friend, but that was wonderful too!

We had it at $419k, so we listed it with you at $439k; sold it at $430k. At $430, yes, and so we were pleased with that! I’m sure it didn’t sell last time because there was not any exposure. There was very little exposure to the house. And Joel and Ann were able to put this out on the Market where we’d see it every day. Over and over again. And would come back up on the Market and so there was plenty of exposure to the house, to the property. And the pictures they took were fabulous! I mean, made it look better than it was! But it’s a beautiful home anyway! And they took aerial views, and a video of the house also that anybody could go on and look at. All those things were great parts of the puzzle that helped it.

We made an offer on a home that we wanted to purchase, and the Realtors helped us as you’ve helped us to be able to get that. It took a lot of time and a lot of machinations. A lot of things that had to happen, and stayed right with us as we, they walked us through that. We couldn’t purchase because we hadn’t sold ours, and so we were able to put a contingency on that property and we’d made the offer with a contingency to sell ours and the seller was able to go along with that. And so we were able to do that. And then when ours did sell then we were able to go ahead and smoothly make that adjustment.

We had constant emails and texts and phone calls to keep us informed of everything that happened so that we weren’t surprised, so that we didn’t find ourselves confused about anything or any process. And I thought that was comforting, and it was good! And we always felt like we could call or text back to find out answers too, which we did.

Joel and Ann are a great team! They each know what they’re doing and they work together and make it happen. Appreciate it! And we trusted you too! You know, we had great trust in what you were doing and we just had to be able to do that. You know, instead of wondering if this was going to happen, or that was going to happen, you know, which has happened in the past before. We appreciate you. It was a lovely experience for us. We really appreciated it. It’s gone very smooth and, what a relief!

VIDEO: How To Make Your Ogden Valley Home Dream Come True

“Thank you for your professionalism and getting me to my dream!”

See what Christina has to say about how she sold her Ogden Valley Home (Utah) and making her home dream come true by building a cottage close to her kids. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
My name is Christina and I’ve lived in my home, built it many years and decided to sell it to start a new little dream. For my retirement I’m going to build a little cottage and be close to my kids and grandkids. I just can’t even tell you about how blown away I am. It just worked! It worked like you said it was going to work. And my expectations where I wanted to sell my house.
The first realtor I had, I liked her but the process didn’t work real well. It was slow and I wanted someone a little more serious. I wanted a more wider base of you know, people that were going to look at the house, so you did that. I was really impressed; it worked so well for me. Oh my gosh! I got somebody from out-of-state that just loves the place and is going to just, they are really, looking forward to retiring too and have a place for their animals. She likes rustic! It’s a rustic country home so it did; it needed the right person and you found her!
Yeah, the first realtor I had, we had basically the same price. She just didn’t show it as often. I didn’t get the showings, the activities. I’m not, I’m not quite sure what she used. But it was not sufficient to get my house out to the amount of people that needed to see it. I know when you brought the helicopter up or the drone that was really interesting. The pictures were really nice and really showed it off very well. Since my buyer is from out-of-state she did look at those pictures. Yea, I got a full offer and you know then in fact they even upped it just a little bit over what I had listed.
You know the one day I had like four showings, that day they wanted to put their offer right in so that’s, it was really exciting. I felt really comfortable. You guys kept me informed, lead me through the process. Yeah, I have, you know, really talked you guys up and really professional and got it out there. I liked that it was an out-of-state buyer since I’m going to be a neighbor of my old property. It’s really exciting to see someone that loves it; she loves it; absolutely loves it, like I’ve loved it. It worked the way it was supposed to work. I really am impressed. You just see I’m just so happy! It’s just been so painless, so thank you so much, I want to thank you for your professionalism and getting me to my dream!

VIDEO: How To Sell Utah Home For Over Asking Price

“Sold the house for more than what we were asking”

See how Donovan got his Ogden Utah home sold in 1/2 the time and for 4% more (compared to the average agent).  Plus an offer that was over asking price!  Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
And so we sold the house for more than what we were asking for it. That was actually a really good thing for us. We had our asking price at $148,500 and we sold it for $152,000. Joel helped me through the steps of how to go about countering and stuff for some of the things they wanted for some of the things we wanted. We were able to end up getting more for it.
Before we sold the home, we actually had a different realtor, who, I’ll tell you the experience between them/that realtor and you guys was actually a lot different. I mean you guys were communicating with us all the time. I mean Charity always knew what was going on when people were coming and stuff, if people would come, and when they actually they did come. I mean before, there was actually somebody in our house and we really didn’t know what was going on. It kind of was weird you know.
The fact that that realtor actually never knew anything or have any feedback from the people. It was bad on that part where you guys did a really good job with that. We felt really informed like there was good communication between you guys and us. We had a lot more showings with you guys were our realtor vs the other people too. Over there we had maybe (we had Coldwell Banker before) and we had maybe 1 showing every 2 weeks. And we had you guys we had like 2 or 3 showings every day. And we had access to all of that information too – you guys were sending emails and stuff and I’d be able to see how many people were in my home, what people’s feedback was, what people thought about the price and condition of the home.
I’m excited to have it sold! It’s actually a good feeling, you know, to get out, and re-explore the world.

VIDEO: How to Find the Best Utah REALTOR Ever – “Night and Day Difference”

“I felt like I was a customer and you were here to serve me.”

See how Kris got her Plain City Utah home sold for close to full price in 3 weeks when her prior agent couldn’t sell it in over 7 months. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
My name is Kristine and I had a home in Plain City Utah. The marketing I received from Joel and Ann was remarkably different than the lack of marketing I received from a prior company. When I Googled it or any type of search in input, my home was always listed on the front page.
The helicopter view, the pictures that were taken were so professional compared to the little snapshots that were taken by the phones of the prior agent. There was a remarkable difference with the amount of activity that I had with the prior REALTOR at the same price than with Joel and Ann at the same price. The prior REALTOR would contact me with a showing; it was random. Sometimes it was once every two weeks, I might have a showing, twice a week, or there are times that it was three weeks in between showings. The first week, I think I had 4 showings and I have an offer within 2 weeks.
I was treated like I was a priority. If I ever have a question, I knew that if I would contact either Joel or Ann, I would get an immediate answer and I am talking probably within 15 minutes or less I always had an answer; and that was totally night and day different than my prior realtor. All of the electronic signing of the documents; you don’t have to go in to the offices or leaving homes or anything like that.
I just like your guys’ service. I mean like I said I felt like I was a customer and you were here to serve me. The questions that I would probably ask you already knew the answer for, and that’s not the experience that I had before.

VIDEO: Why You Should Not Hire a Friend as Your Realtor

“Crazy -7 Offers in 9 Days”

See what Devin & Carlee have to say about how they sold their Ogden Utah house and made almost $30,000 more by firing their friend/Realtor. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
Devin: We wanted to sell our home and buy a home just across the street because I was able to get into the home that I grew up in, however, things changed where that didn’t work out as well as what we hoped and so we had to kind of change our plans and we ended up finding this home in Ogden.
Carlee: It will officially be ours
Devin: I will officially be ours. It will be good. A little bit faster than we had anticipated but…
Carlee: It all worked out.
Devin: Yeah, I mean we are happy definitely happy with the price that we got for our house and also the experience. It was crazy 7 offers in like 8 or 9 days something like that.
Carlee: Everything
Devin: Yeah, I mean we even still have the picture of Joel that he took with his quad copter.
Carlee: And I think it’s cool that you guys do like the movie so people can walk through the house without actually walking through it.
Devin: Right, I mean it can be a good house a very good looking home with a lot of features on it but without the professional photography or you know even the right camera your house can go from what should be a 10 you know to maybe looking like a 5. And you know that the first things that buyers are looking at are just the pictures. Do they like the pictures? If they do then you know that goes on their list. If they don’t like the pictures they just continue on. And we tried to do that with a friend that just got her realtor license. And that was a disaster to say the best. I mean it was just not that she did a bad job I mean I know that she is learning.
Carlee: She just didn’t know how to sell a house.
Devin: Right they’re still new at it.
Carlee: You guys were great.
Devin: Yeah, you guys were defiantly great. And it was good to you know just have the experience that we did with you and Joel.
Ron is amazing, to say the least, I mean we tried to get just approved through another financial resource and that just didn’t work out. I mean it just kept dragging and dragging. I mean so that was amazing to be able to call Ron and get a preapproval letter within 6 hours. It went to underwriting and the next day it was approved.

VIDEO: How to Sell Ogden Valley Utah Land Fast

“Joel and Ann sold our property quicker than we ever dreamed possible”

See how this Ogden Valley Utah land was sold “faster than we ever dreamed possible”. Great story from Mike & Patti on how they did this. Plus see the aerial video (including Powder Maintain, Wolf Creek Golf Course and Snowbasin) that was used as part of the marketing plan. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
My name is Patty and we had some property in Eden, Utah. Our experience with Joel and Ann was just incredible. We’re just not used to have real estate agents pay as much attention to us as they did. Emails and phone calls, they stayed in constant communication with us. They went over and beyond the call of duty. We couldn’t have asked for better marketing and pictures of what was done. Ann and Joel ended up selling our property quicker than we ever dreamed possible. I couldn’t be more pleased with the job they did and the speed at which they did it in. We truly were overwhelmed with the amount of time and effort you guys put in to helping us sell that lot. You guys were awesome and you do your job very well.

VIDEO: How We Decided Between (FSBO) For Sale By Owner vs. Realtor Hiring

“You guys guided and navigated us through the selling process REALLY well”

Learn what Nick & Kacee did to decide between (FSBO) For Sale By Owner vs. hiring a REALTOR. How did it go? What happened when their buyer didn’t have a real estate agent? Watch this short video to learn. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
Working with you guys has been fantastic. Selling the house has been wild but you guys guided us and navigated us through that really well because we didn’t know what it was going to take. Definitely uneducated in the real estate world. So many unexpected situations come up where we have no experience and our families have no experience but you guys totally knew how.
You know we ended up settling on a buyer who was coming in unrepresented and you guys totally picked up their slack because they didn’t know what they are doing. Right. So you all took care of all of us. And I don’t think either one of us ever felt pressured to make a decision or do something that made us comfortable because of you guys, which are things that we’ve heard from other realtors. So that was really good! No, I think it’s really fun working with you guys and getting to know you.
Electronic signatures was super awesome! When we bought the house that we bought, it was all by hand. You got to print it, sign it, scan it, and return it. Yeah, and just click, click, click, click, click and it was done! I really liked the weekly updates when we have showings happen and the feedback forms. You guys kept that shared document of the feedback forms so we were able to go and look at that and see what people were saying. I mean a lot of it was kind of out of our control but anything that people mentioned that we could have changed, we tried to implement that.
I know you guys would go and call REALTORS to get the feedback ‘cause not everyone just leaves it so that was really cool. It is definitely complicated but I think you guys made it easy for us. Yeah! Exactly! We like that! Which is funny because you know Joel was asking us if we would think about doing for sale by owner or something like that, I said no. This is something where I intent to hire an expert because I’m not qualified to do this. Right, or maybe I could learn if I took a couple of years or how long it’ll take to learn. Yeah, we really don’t have the desire to do that. No, uh-uh. We like our own jobs. It’s nice working with people who really knew what was going on.

VIDEO: How To Sell and Buy a Home on Same Day

“This process was the easiest and best!”

See what Rob and Karla have to say about how they sold their Pleasant View Utah house and bought their new Ogden home – on the same day. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
Rob: The fun begins and with a few other things coming up in the near future we decided it was time to downsize and move closer to where both of our moms are.
Karla: It was just very smooth from the very beginning. We were able to just click together. I believe that this process was probably one of the easiest and best. I really think the best was to go with you guys first because we have had a really good experience. I really liked the marketing. The very first thing that I like that you were able to do an Ariel view. I had never really seen something like that before so I was really impressed with the Ariel view. And then I was really impressed that you did the walkthrough, the things you said, and the enthusiasm that was shown, and the things that were showing so positive about our home. And then the way you guys marketing things and kept things going kept things moving, kept in touch with us to say ok what we can do here to see if we can help. And I really did appreciate how well that marketing went because I know that the marketing really helped us a lot and I know that it would have been harder if we wouldn’t have had the good marketing service’s that you guys gave us.
Rob: Everybody that we have talked to have been very impressed with everything and how it’s going. The timing has worked out perfect for selling this home and purchasing the other. We were able to close on both residences at the same time that was a big help.
Karla: I really can’t see anything that you guys could do different because you were so friendly, you were so helpful, and you were accessible to us, you helped us in any way possible. I just like what you’re doing so far so don’t break it what you got going is great.
Rob: Thanks Joel
Karla: Thanks Ann! Thanks Joel! Thanks everybody for all of your help to help us be successful to sell and move. Thank you very much

VIDEO: How to Interview Realtor in Syracuse Utah

“With All of the Feedback and Follow-up, we never wondered what was going on”

Learn how Scott & Kathy selected a real estate agent to sell their Syracuse Utah property why they’re so thrilled they picked Joel & Ann Zieve.  Learn how to interview realtor (s).

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Video Transcript
I am Scott Heiner. This is my wife Katherine, or Kathy, and we lived in Syracuse for 18 years. And the reason we sold the house was so that we could buy my parent’s home in Morgan.
I actually saw Joel and Ann on Facebook for the first time, and it actually just had a thing about to, if you’re wondering what the value of your house is. We weren’t quite ready to list it yet, but we were interested in interviewing Joel and Ann, and they asked to see if they were someone that we would be interested in working with, and in visiting with them we were really impressed. The other agent that we were talking to, he wasn’t very good at following up. He really, I think my guess is that he would have listed the house and kind of forgot about it. I don’t think he would have followed through and, you know, really worked hard on getting the house sold.
So that’s really, I think one of the main reasons we went with Joel and Ann is because we really felt like we’d have the follow up and feedback that we needed, and I think that’s an important part of selling a home is we never wondered where we were at or what, when it was shown. When the house was shown, they were very good at giving us feedback as fast as they could, and a lot of times, you know, within hours.
I liked that the marketing was really up-to-date technologically, you know, they put a lot of things out on the Internet, and Facebook.
In addition to the aerial shots that they had, and the walk through video, they had professional photography, and I think that made a big difference in how the house presented itself on the Internet. Now, our first, the first weekend that we were listed, the first week, we had like quite a few showings the first week, and it was really impressive, and it took us only two months to sell the house to the day.
We actually had our first offer within a week. They were in constant contact, and we knew that we could contact them anytime of the day or night. We did sometimes. I don’t have any complaints whatsoever. I was highly impressed with Joel and Ann. I would be delighted to recommend them to anybody else that was looking to sell their house, and we were very happy with their performance, and with the way that they marketed our home.

VIDEO: What I Did When No One Could Sell My Property

“No one could sell my property until Joel & Ann Zieve”

Learn what Steve did when he could find no one could sell his property

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Video Transcript
The selling of my land was a wonderful experience. We had it listed previously before Keller Williams, and after a year it was never shown once. Nobody ever came and contacted us. There just seemed like no interest once the real estate agent got it listed, but when we listed with Keller Williams and specifically it was with their agent Ann we got emails every week on the progress. We got emails if a new person was looking at it and what they thought about it. She was constantly on board with keeping us informed of everything that was going on, and then her husband came over and took aerial photographs of it, and Ann walked on the property and did a video of her talking about it which I think had a lot of benefit because we’ve got all kinds of people coming and wanting, making offers or saying that they’re interested. It was a very, very positive experience and even the buyers that just bought it the date of the closing was moved forward like two weeks, so we’re very, very happy with Ann especially. I think you just did a marvelous job and anything I sell in the future I am going to start with you.

VIDEO: How I Got 9 Offers in 4 Days on my Home For Sale

“Sold my house after 9 offers in 4 days!”

Learn how Lesa got 9 offers in 4 days on her Utah home for sale.

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Video Transcript
I have loved working with Ann. One of the first things that I, you know, because I was just looking for homes online and I didn’t have a realtor and Ann was very persistent. I really admired that about her and she kept emailing me and asking me questions, you know, and what my timeline was and if I needed help, and I really admired that about her and the whole process has gone so smooth. She sold my house in a week, actually less than a week, and it’s just been great, and she also helped us find a house, and we can’t say enough about her. We highly recommend her.

VIDEO: How Outside The Box Real Estate Marketing Got It Sold

“Never Had An Experience Like This Before”

See what Renee and Weldon have to say about the outside the box real estate marketing that got the property sold. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
My name’s Renee Cross and I owned a lot on the East Bench of Ogden which Joel and Ann sold in a difficult market. My lot, they worked very hard, very diligently. They communicated very well to us on what was going on and the inquiries on the lot and I would recommend them whole-heartedly to anyone!
Past experiences in selling property in Utah have not been quite as pleasant. They’ve been very long-winded. Joel and Ann they have, every week given us weekly updates on any type of inquiry, what’s going on in the market in general and in the area. Joel and Ann, a tower of information! Did a lot of research, did a lot of communicating to us without us prompting at all. And I can honestly say I haven’t had that type of relationship with a REALTOR prior to meeting these two.
So, the Marketing was a little outside the box. I mean whether it’s the video stuff or the social media stuff, I think a lot of that stuff was outside the box.
And I think that really helped!
And we feel every confidence that we ever lead anyone to have Joel and Ann represent them that it would be a very, very good, fortunate move on their part! It was a very pleasant experience. We appreciate Ann and Joel’s hard work and their diligence and their information, communication. It was all top notch and we were very pleased with the results!
Yeah, excellent!
Thank you!

VIDEO: Best Ogden Valley Real Estate Agent – Our Story

“We got 100% of Ann’s attention – she was always on top of it”

Learn why Mike and Kate moved from California to Eden Utah and how they found the best Ogden Valley Utah real estate agent. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
Kate and I have been going up to the Ogden Valley skiing for a number of years. Have always loved it! The scenery is fantastic, the skiing is fantastic, summers are beautiful. And we had just got to a point in our lives where we felt the timing was right to leave California and move to a place where it was not nearly as crowded and we had a lot more opportunity for outdoor activities. We figured that buying a lot up in the Ogden Valley was the thing to do and the time was right.
Originally, Kate and I had been looking for a 2nd home. I had done a search online and come across Ann’s name and, just out of the blue, gave her a call and spoke with her and I was very impressed with her knowledge of the area. Upon meeting her we just discovered that she was the type of person that we wanted handling the search for us. She seemed very knowledgeable, very interested, and very personable.
Being a General Contractor down in Southern California I had dealt with several Real Estate agents. Never really had a positive experience; was mainly unhappy with the service that we got. A lack of attention. When I met Ann, she was like 180 degrees different. She just always seemed like she was very interested in our project, you know, 100 percent of her attention. Was never late getting us information. We were just absolutely, really impressed with her.
I would recommend Ann to any of my close friends, my family, or any of the fussiest sellers or buyers I know. She just seems like she is on top of it all the time, always. I had never, ever called Ann and got a voicemail. I always got Ann.
Everything I’ve said is true! It’s coming from the heart. I mean you guys are just fantastic!

VIDEO: How to Stay In Your House After Selling for 6 Weeks

“They really represented me and ended up getting me what I wanted”

Want to stay in your house after selling, for 6 weeks or longer? See how Liam did this on his home in Layton Utah (near Hill AFB). Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
So my name is Liam, I live in Layton Utah and I recently contacted Ann and Joel to sell my house at the end of my military career, and selling my house now opens up many options for the future. I was recommended to Ann and Joel through really good friends of mine, Heidi and Jason, and since they are good friends I immediately called Ann and Joel and had a fabulous experience.
They sold my house very quick. They incorporated both interior and exterior video shoots. They used a drone to go around the outside and film the beautiful scenery and then the house. And on top of that they hired a professional photographer to really make the house pop. And I found through, of course I did my research, and interviewed a few other agents and they just didn’t have that ability to do what Ann and Joel do.
There were at least 19 people that came through which generated multiply offers so that made the decision process, once we started to sell, go a lot easier.
Their ability to negotiate with the seller’s agents, a lot of counter offer, and in the end Ann and Joel really represented me and ended up getting me what I wanted. About a month and a half delay moving into my next house and were able to negotiate actually staying at the current house after selling. So that was huge and it eliminated having to move twice and stay in a house temporarily for only a few weeks.
I cannot think of anything to improve their process any. They are spot on in what they do and they are very personable and the whole process was simple amazing. Normally selling a house is kind of cumbersome maybe a little frustrating, they put me at ease I really appreciated it.

How to Flip Ogden Utah Homes in 3 Weeks with Multiple Offers

“One big key was the constant communication with you…”

Learn how to flip Ogden Utah homes from Joy: Did hers in 3 weeks and got multiple offers (after firing 2 Realtors). Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
I didn’t have to buy and sell, but it’s always been an interest of mine. I’d go in and rehab homes or improve them. It was in pretty bad disarray, but I like a challenge and I took it on. Thanks to you for finding the home in the beginning, and I appreciate that. The process of purchasing the home was very smooth.
Another Realtor I was working with and I understood their plan and what they were going to do, and after about 3 weeks I could see that nothing was done. So I gave them another month; still nothing was done. So I changed agents. They just didn’t quite have that marketing edge.
Finally you & Joel got a hold of me. I said, absolutely, I’d like you to list it. Gosh, in a matter of 3 weeks, we had an offer and the very next day we had another one so I was in a multiple offer situation, which was great! I appreciate that. Today was icing on the cake. We were able to sell the home, and got it closed!
The 57-Step plan was great! I mean, you have a lot of steps there. Probably the key element that I think anybody can glean from this is the constant communication. To me that’s important in understanding what’s going on. The activity, whether there is or not. I really liked the aerial photographs – the marketing aspect that excels from everybody else. I would definitely recommend you to anybody. I’d say, you know what, just turn them loose! Don’t micromanage them, don’t do anything, just let them do their job and you’ll have success!

VIDEO: How We Sold Liberty Utah House After Buyer Backed Out

“The buyer backed out, Ann got them back to the table”

See how Doug and Jean sold Liberty Utah house (in the Ogden Valley) after losing their buyer the first time. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
I’m Doug
And I’m Jean.
Our house is located in Liberty, Utah.Beautiful place up in the mountains. We’ve lived there a long time in our home but to sell our home, we want to be closer to our grandchildren, we have a whole bunch of grandkids. We’ve been around the block once or twice so I really think it’s time to make that move. So we have.
Joel and Ann were engaged in getting it taken care of. They communicated with us. Seems like some of the other Realtors listed it and we did not hear from them much.
They called us repeatedly to make sure things were done right and correct.
The buyer cancelled the contract and Ann suggested: “Well let’s just let them know what you’ve done to the house and then see if they are still interested”. That actually brought them back to the selling table which was nice.
It was a good idea to look at what (else) was on the market, helping us put it at a reasonable price.
I think you have the advantage of being a husband-wife team. You’ve got two personalities that worked with us. You have choices that other agents don’t.
(A neighbor) was a positive influence on us calling you in the first place. And if you’ve sold something for Steve, especially Steve! We won’t use the last name, but that’s a feather in your cap. That was a good sign.
We would recommend anybody to talk to you cause we felt like you did a good job.

VIDEO: How to Find a Non-Pushy Utah Buyer’s Agent

“It was really wonderful. It was smooth…”

See how Jason and Natalie saved up to 5%, found the perfect home, and weren’t subjected to a pushy REALTOR. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
A: So Jason and Natalie we just finished the closing on your home, how do you feel?
J & N: Excited.
A: How’s the process buying your first home?
J & N: It was really wonderful. It was smooth, we had a deadline of 3 months and we met the deadline on time and it was perfect. It wasn’t/you guys weren’t pushy. You were relaxed, helped us find what we wanted; what we needed. It was a good experience.
A: Good. So would you recommend us to your family and friends if they have to find a house?
J & N: Absolutely!
A: What would you tell them to expect?
J & N: Good quality customer service, timely appointments and meetings and a deadline that can be met. You are very on top of things, there were no surprises. No loopholes that we had to jump through. It was all up front and very clear. Yeah we had one agent that was really pushy she wanted us to get into the home that she wanted not we wanted. When we wanted to make an offer she wouldn’t accept making the offer. She thought it wasn’t right. She thought it was too low and so as she just blew us off. The house actually sold for less than what we wanted to put on.
A: What were your thoughts coming in to working with us?
J & N: I was just hoping that you wouldn’t be pushy, which you were not. That you would consider our wants and our needs, which you did. It was nice that you knew you who you were working with so it was a smooth process. So that it wasn’t like “oh, we’ve never worked with them before so we’ve got to delay our deadline. It was nice that you’ve worked with them before and it was very smooth.

VIDEO: How I Sold My House in the First Weekend in Pleasant View Utah

“Over 400 Days with Old Agent; Joel & Ann Sold First Weekend At Same Price”

See what Gordon has to say about how he sold his Pleasant View Utah house with Joel & Ann for the same price that his old realtor couldn’t sell it for after almost 400 days. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
I’m getting married, moving to a new city, so I needed to sell the house. One of the things that was important to me was as potential buyers came through and offered their feedback that I’d know what was going on, and so on, and I felt really positive about the feedback that was provided by you and Joel.
Tickled with the professional photography that was done to represent our home, and the live or video walk-through that you did, I thought all those things were helpful. The video up side that kind of helped, I think, show off the curb appeal and the neighborhood that we’re in. There for a while I was getting 3 or 4 showings a day. That’s why I took it off the market, is nobody was looking at it any more.
Some of the things that we did to make sure that that home was sold well is that I replaced the carpet. We put in some new decorations, and changed the furniture around. And, I think between that and the marketing and the photos and videos that helped a lot. And both you and Joel have contacted me very frequently to let me know what’s going on, and give me kind of, almost daily updates as to where we were. So, I’m very satisfied with that.
I’m buying another piece of property and I haven’t heard from him in three weeks! And with Joel and Ann I don’t think that would happen at all. I can highly recommend Joel and Ann Zieve. They delivered!

VIDEO: How to Get Multiple Offers on the Sale of your Utah Home

Marketing: “I almost wanted to by our old house again!”

Want to sell your house fast for top dollar? See how Josh got 4 offers (multiple offers) on his home in Roy Utah. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
The market, our kids are getting older, we wanted a bigger house- we are starting to outgrow this house. It sold quick and went really smooth. I noticed on all the different websites – it was on like everything. The picture, just the intro picture, was this Ariel photo coming from the side kind of giving you a big idea of what the house looked like instead of just a picture from google maps where it’s just right in the front. And just the overalls feel on just every single website the pictures and the way things were designed to actually showcase the house really well. I almost wanted to buy our own house again.
It was a lot less stressful than it was before. The offer wasn’t where we thought it should be or it was worth. And we let you guys know and you could go back. We didn’t feel any pressure that we had to accept the first offer that we got. We had great advice from you guys. And I don’t know if we would have gotten that many offers if it was just on the MLS and a sign in the yard. The fact, that with technology and the internet today if it’s not out there-out there it is just going to get passed up.

VIDEO: How to Remove the Stress of Selling Your House

“Biggest difference: My first agent didn’t work, you did!”

Is the stress of selling your house getting to you? Learn what Levoy did to remove the stress of selling his house. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript

You both made me feel at ease. I appreciate you, especially your demeanor, you helped me through a lot. I’m going south. I’ve got family in the lower end state. I’m going where it is warmer and I can do my painting and gun cases.

You worked they [old agents] didn’t. All kidding aside, they never kept me abreast of what they were doing. I had to continually asked them, and it just wasn’t working out good, so I told him I just was through. When I answered what you sent, a card or a letter, it just sounded like you knew what you were doing. So after I first met you I figured out that you did! Lot of times from a letter things sound good but being able to be with the two of you, personally talk and go through the rooms, tt was very beneficial.

It’s good it really is [the marketing]. People picked up on it real quick and we got a lot of people moving through it. Things can be a lot better than we think. You’ve proved that. And I was made comfortable. I knew by what you asked me to do, get things out of the rooms open up things, you know a way to look at things in a buyer’s eye. So that was very helpful. Know that it has been a good experience, and I think I have found a friend as well as a REALTOR.