VIDEO: How to Interview Realtor in Syracuse Utah

“With All of the Feedback and Follow-up, we never wondered what was going on”

Learn how Scott & Kathy selected a real estate agent to sell their Syracuse Utah property why they’re so thrilled they picked Joel & Ann Zieve.  Learn how to interview realtor (s).

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Video Transcript
I am Scott Heiner. This is my wife Katherine, or Kathy, and we lived in Syracuse for 18 years. And the reason we sold the house was so that we could buy my parent’s home in Morgan.
I actually saw Joel and Ann on Facebook for the first time, and it actually just had a thing about to, if you’re wondering what the value of your house is. We weren’t quite ready to list it yet, but we were interested in interviewing Joel and Ann, and they asked to see if they were someone that we would be interested in working with, and in visiting with them we were really impressed. The other agent that we were talking to, he wasn’t very good at following up. He really, I think my guess is that he would have listed the house and kind of forgot about it. I don’t think he would have followed through and, you know, really worked hard on getting the house sold.
So that’s really, I think one of the main reasons we went with Joel and Ann is because we really felt like we’d have the follow up and feedback that we needed, and I think that’s an important part of selling a home is we never wondered where we were at or what, when it was shown. When the house was shown, they were very good at giving us feedback as fast as they could, and a lot of times, you know, within hours.
I liked that the marketing was really up-to-date technologically, you know, they put a lot of things out on the Internet, and Facebook.
In addition to the aerial shots that they had, and the walk through video, they had professional photography, and I think that made a big difference in how the house presented itself on the Internet. Now, our first, the first weekend that we were listed, the first week, we had like quite a few showings the first week, and it was really impressive, and it took us only two months to sell the house to the day.
We actually had our first offer within a week. They were in constant contact, and we knew that we could contact them anytime of the day or night. We did sometimes. I don’t have any complaints whatsoever. I was highly impressed with Joel and Ann. I would be delighted to recommend them to anybody else that was looking to sell their house, and we were very happy with their performance, and with the way that they marketed our home.