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REALTOR Testimonial quotes and VIDEOs BELOW – The essence of any great marketing campaign is the story. A story that taps into an emotion or a feeling and catches a person’s attention in a way that awakens their curiosity and compels people to “lean in” to find out more–or better yet, to take action, a call, an appointment, a showing and an offer on your property. What’s in it for me? Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team Benefit to you.

Every property has a benefit, a niche appeal and a story to tell. Our job is to craft that story through Professional Architectural and Interior Photography and Video to inspire the imagination of potential buyers in the market. And that’s where we shine.

Most Utah real estate agents lack the training, talent, skill, desire or time to give your property the full attention needed when it comes to this part of the business.

At Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team, all of your marketing will be conceived and developed from start to finish by true experts and professionals who focus exclusively on creating the right look and feel for every marketing piece to promote your Utah Property – whether it be a Horse Farm for sale, Land, Ranch, Condo, Townhome or Home for sale. This attention to detail ensures that your property will attract the interest of the most amount of buyers.

Our in-house, full-time Team of REALTOR professionals take the time to produce Professional photography and video footage to appeal to the right type of buyer. We have been doing this since 2002 and we feel we can offer you the best marketing available anywhere.

Print Media, Online Media, Social Media and New Media are used to create gorgeous materials that not only get attention, but more importantly, results for you and your property. These services are creative, adaptable, and unique for the real estate industry.

Our proprietary process streamlines these efforts, giving our Real Estate Agents in Utah more time to spend with their clients. Like you, we know that First-class Utah Properties deserve First-class attention. That is the what’s in it for me? The Keller Williams/Northern Utah Home Team Advantage and Benefit to you. Call Joel at 801-695-7737 or Ann at 801-695-7787.

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VIDEO: How To Get $25k More Than Asking Price When Selling Salt Lake City Utah House

“They Will Work For You and You Will Know It”

See what Matt and Shannon have to say about how they sold their Salt Lake City Utah house for almost $25,000 more than asking price. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
I’m Matt, I’m Shannon.
We’re from Salt Lake City, Utah and we decided to sell our house because Matt wanted to go back to school. So, initially looking at the comparables we decided to list our house at a certain price, and I wasn’t exactly sure it was going to sell at that price. So, day 1 we had, I don’t know, 6 showings day 1 and maybe 10 the next day. With that, all the showings, we had 6 offers within the first 2 days and 4 of them were above asking price. So we actually were able to get an offer almost $25,000 dollars more than our asking price, which was way more than we’d ever have hoped for. Inspection requests list, they had a whole long list of $10,000 worth of repairs and Joel negotiated things and was able to get the list down. We only ended up paying about $1,600 worth of credit towards the sellers. We didn’t even have to do the repairs.
I really, really liked the marketing side of it. I feel like, sometimes, that when you put it with other agents, or whatever, they just kind of half do things, but…
He came and did a video walk-through, and he had professionals take pictures of it. It was pretty much as easy as that! I liked the professional photos, it made the house look really nice.
Yeah! And they had our own personal website page, they posted it on Facebook, and had me post it on Facebook, and all my friends were posting it on Facebook! So, so many people saw the listing!
A big blurb about the house. And all avenues were covered! You could find it on Facebook, you could find it on YouTube, you could find it on Google, you can find it on wherever you look you would be able to find our listing! And it wouldn’t be the 5th or 6th down. It would be number 1! And so that helped, having a lot of people see it. And I think that’s the reason why we were able to get more than our asking price is because there was so much interest in the house. If there wasn’t that much interest in the house, there’s no way we could have gotten it. And multiple offers! Multiple offers!
Another reason why Joel and Ann are awesome, is all the updates! We knew exactly who was viewing the house, I knew exactly what they thought of it after they viewed the house, we knew exactly what was going on! Every week we got an update and we knew where we were in the process, and so we didn’t have to be like, “I wonder what’s going on?” We already knew. That’s true!
So, call Joel and Ann because they’re really easy going, and they’re really awesome. They get along. Hard working! They’re very hard working! They’ll work for you and you know that they’re working for you! That’s what I’ve noticed, a difference in our past experiences.

VIDEO: How to Sell Layton Utah Condo When Four Realtors Could Not

“Four Agents over 5 Years Couldn’t Sell It – Joel & Ann got Competing Offers”

See how Mark & DeEtte got their Layton Utah condo sold when 4 realtors over 5 years could not get the job done. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
I was trying to get into a house that was bigger and so we had to rent this out and we were losing money and so this (selling the house) has been phenomenal for us.
Once we’ve found Joel & Ann, this has been awesome. We loved the attention to detail and just the communication with us.
You got two competing offers. You can’t do better than that. No, no. Multiple offers! We initially were just going to take one round and just go with it and then after talking to you and Joel , we decided to do a competition and ended up earning us our original asking price which has been huge. So your advice and counsel was great.
So the big difference between you guys and other agents for us was that it felt like that everyone else just threw us on the MLS. That’s all that they did. They put you on the MLS, throw you on Zillow and KSL and move on. You never talked to them; I mean we got no communication, no feedback.
Yeah, we noticed the difference I think immediately with Joel as he went through the presentation of how you would market the property, all the different points that you would use to try and find buyers. The communication is the key that we would able to see what was going on. What marketing was happening, how many hits we were getting. If you had talked to anyone I knew that immediately. I mean those were just huge helps.
I liked how many different things you could do to put our house out there so people could see it and want to look through it so I think that was the first step. Before It’s there but no one knew about it I guess.
Just the little details the Google docs, the aerial photo, and the video of the property. I saw the video and I wanted to buy it.
I think the fact that you’ve asked that question is just a testimony to how good of a realtor that you are. I don’t think that you guys could have done anything differently. I think it was wonderful. It was wonderful from the beginning to end.
I’d gotten to a point that we’ve been through enough realtors so in the beginning I was hesitant and leery of any realtor to be honest with you. I’d got to the point where I didn’t trust any of them. And so I think, as much as I liked the presentation I still had that bad taste in my mouth. Here we go again- Hopefully this is going to be different. Hopefully they’ll actually follow through on their promises. And now being on the back end of it, you guys lived up to every promise and exceeded. And we had yet to have a realtor even fulfill the basic promises.
Well, congratulations and enjoy your life without a condo to worry about. (Yeah!)

VIDEO: How Our Best Ogden Valley REALTOR Sold Our House In 5 Days

“Within 3 days there was 4 showings, one offer, and under contract the next day”

See how Craig & Lindee got their Huntsville Utah home sold with the Best Ogden Valley Utah REALTOR for over full price in 5 days when their prior agent couldn’t sell it in 10 months. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
I’m Lindee and I’m Craig. And our house was in Huntsville Utah. When we listed our home with the previous REALTOR, the listing was the same or maybe even $5,000 dollars less. And the activity, there was less than a handful of showings in 10 months and within 3 days there was 4 showings, one offer, and within 5 days an accepted offer. The marketing that Joel and Ann did for us, was a lot different than what we’ve had with our other agent. They had aerial views of our house, which was really cool and took some good professional pictures. You did a lot of things that we didn’t knew we were doing.
I like the way that the video was put together. It was popping! To me it made sense and if I was looking for a home in the Ogden Valley I would definitely look into it. Yeah, that was cool, definitely, and the walk through video of the house.
It was a compliment that you and Ann work together, you knew each other’s roles. I have never met Ann, and you worked together to sell the home. I always saw correspondence with Ann on the email and I texted her little bit. You both know your role and worked really well as a team. Almost like you were married. You are! We’re satisfied customers and we appreciate all you’ve done to help us sell our home.

VIDEO: How I Made $26,000 More Selling My North Ogden Utah House

“Got what we paid for with our flat fee broker”

Trying to maximize the cash you get in your pocket at closing? Learn what Paul did after his first buyer couldn’t close to find another buyer and put an extra $26,000 in his pocket. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
Hi, my name is Paul Dickamore and we recently used Joel and Ann Zieve to sell a home.
For us initially had it listed with a flat fee realtor, the challenge that we faced is that we got no support. We received an offer that we accepted at full price. The underwriter found some difficulties in the application and they passed the closing date and so we pulled it and got talking and decided to engage with some realtors that would offer us all the services and Joel and Ann’s name was mentioned and they have a great reputation so we selected them.
They shared with us before we signed the paperwork what they would do in the way of marketing the property. We were very impressed. They shared with us a book that they authored. They made a lot of really neat suggestions and we actually raised the listing price from what it previously been listed at their suggestion by about five percent. We felt like we would end up with a bidding war with the house with the marketing that they were going to do.
We received seven offers. The offer that they suggested that we accept was substantially over the asking price by like fifteen percent. And we ended up netting more after all the fees than we would have getting full price prior to paying any fees on the first attempt to sell one home.
We have loved working with Joel and Ann. Their communication has been outstanding their professionalism is unbelievable and their marketing skills are incredible as well. I would highly recommend if you’re considering listing your home that you consider Joel and Ann Zieve as your real estate professionals and list with them.
The knowledge you had of the selling process and what you anticipated would happen was right on track and you brought forth points that we never would have thought of. Your service and your communication is just outstanding and your market knowledge and obviously your experience and buying selling numberless properties over your career was evident in everything that you did.

VIDEO: How To Get A Full Price Offer on Ogden Home For Sale

“It was just so easy, I wouldn’t know how to sell a house because you guys just took care of everything “

See how Brent got his Ogden Bench (Utah) home sold in 1/2 the time and for 4% more (compared to the average agent).  Plus a full price offer and no buyer closing costs!  Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
My name is Brent McKissick. I sold a house up on the east bench in Ogden, 4 bedroom, 2 bath, sitting on 1/3 of an acre. I had a great experience with Joel & Ann. Everything was very smooth; they took care of everything for me. All I had to do was wait for a phone call and respond back with whatever information was needed. So it simplified my part of the process.
I interviewed 3 agents. I went with Ann & Joel for their marketing plan, their ability to really push the house. The other 2 agents that I talked to really couldn’t give me any information about what their long term goals were and how they were going to sell the house or what their process was on how to market it. One of the agents being the agent I used to buy the house with, she just kind of told me that there would be a sign in the yard, posted on their internet site, but no real pushes.
Within the first week of hiring Ann & Joel we had an open house, we had 11 families come through to look at the house, so great turn out. The asking price on the house was $175k. We had a family come through and loved the house. They gave me full asking offer, and was willing to pay for all closing costs, pay for the home warrantee, and again it was just very easy. Ann & Joel just simplified everything in the process so I just had to sign paperwork and walk away.
I don’t know, it was just so easy, I wouldn’t know how to sell a house because you guys just took care of everything so much for me. How you guys took the photos of the house, I mean it was far and above everyone else’s.