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Joel Zieve reviews

REALTOR Testimonial quotes and VIDEOs BELOW – The essence of any great marketing campaign is the story. A story that taps into an emotion or a feeling and catches a person’s attention in a way that awakens their curiosity and compels people to “lean in” to find out more–or better yet, to take action, a call, an appointment, a showing and an offer on your property. What’s in it for me? Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team Benefit to you.

Every property has a benefit, a niche appeal and a story to tell. Our job is to craft that story through Professional Architectural and Interior Photography and Video to inspire the imagination of potential buyers in the market. And that’s where we shine.

Most Utah real estate agents lack the training, talent, skill, desire or time to give your property the full attention needed when it comes to this part of the business.

At Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team, all of your marketing will be conceived and developed from start to finish by true experts and professionals who focus exclusively on creating the right look and feel for every marketing piece to promote your Utah Property – whether it be a Horse Farm for sale, Land, Ranch, Condo, Townhome or Home for sale. This attention to detail ensures that your property will attract the interest of the most amount of buyers.

Our in-house, full-time Team of REALTOR professionals take the time to produce Professional photography and video footage to appeal to the right type of buyer. We have been doing this since 2002 and we feel we can offer you the best marketing available anywhere.

Print Media, Online Media, Social Media and New Media are used to create gorgeous materials that not only get attention, but more importantly, results for you and your property. These services are creative, adaptable, and unique for the real estate industry.

Our proprietary process streamlines these efforts, giving our Real Estate Agents in Utah more time to spend with their clients. Like you, we know that First-class Utah Properties deserve First-class attention. That is the what’s in it for me? The Keller Williams/Northern Utah Home Team Advantage and Benefit to you. Call Joel at 801-695-7737 or Ann at 801-695-7787.

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