VIDEO: How I Made $26,000 More Selling My North Ogden Utah House

“Got what we paid for with our flat fee broker”

Trying to maximize the cash you get in your pocket at closing? Learn what Paul did after his first buyer couldn’t close to find another buyer and put an extra $26,000 in his pocket. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
Hi, my name is Paul Dickamore and we recently used Joel and Ann Zieve to sell a home.
For us initially had it listed with a flat fee realtor, the challenge that we faced is that we got no support. We received an offer that we accepted at full price. The underwriter found some difficulties in the application and they passed the closing date and so we pulled it and got talking and decided to engage with some realtors that would offer us all the services and Joel and Ann’s name was mentioned and they have a great reputation so we selected them.
They shared with us before we signed the paperwork what they would do in the way of marketing the property. We were very impressed. They shared with us a book that they authored. They made a lot of really neat suggestions and we actually raised the listing price from what it previously been listed at their suggestion by about five percent. We felt like we would end up with a bidding war with the house with the marketing that they were going to do.
We received seven offers. The offer that they suggested that we accept was substantially over the asking price by like fifteen percent. And we ended up netting more after all the fees than we would have getting full price prior to paying any fees on the first attempt to sell one home.
We have loved working with Joel and Ann. Their communication has been outstanding their professionalism is unbelievable and their marketing skills are incredible as well. I would highly recommend if you’re considering listing your home that you consider Joel and Ann Zieve as your real estate professionals and list with them.
The knowledge you had of the selling process and what you anticipated would happen was right on track and you brought forth points that we never would have thought of. Your service and your communication is just outstanding and your market knowledge and obviously your experience and buying selling numberless properties over your career was evident in everything that you did.