VIDEO: How to Sell Layton Utah Condo When Four Realtors Could Not

“Four Agents over 5 Years Couldn’t Sell It – Joel & Ann got Competing Offers”

See how Mark & DeEtte got their Layton Utah condo sold when 4 realtors over 5 years could not get the job done. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
I was trying to get into a house that was bigger and so we had to rent this out and we were losing money and so this (selling the house) has been phenomenal for us.
Once we’ve found Joel & Ann, this has been awesome. We loved the attention to detail and just the communication with us.
You got two competing offers. You can’t do better than that. No, no. Multiple offers! We initially were just going to take one round and just go with it and then after talking to you and Joel , we decided to do a competition and ended up earning us our original asking price which has been huge. So your advice and counsel was great.
So the big difference between you guys and other agents for us was that it felt like that everyone else just threw us on the MLS. That’s all that they did. They put you on the MLS, throw you on Zillow and KSL and move on. You never talked to them; I mean we got no communication, no feedback.
Yeah, we noticed the difference I think immediately with Joel as he went through the presentation of how you would market the property, all the different points that you would use to try and find buyers. The communication is the key that we would able to see what was going on. What marketing was happening, how many hits we were getting. If you had talked to anyone I knew that immediately. I mean those were just huge helps.
I liked how many different things you could do to put our house out there so people could see it and want to look through it so I think that was the first step. Before It’s there but no one knew about it I guess.
Just the little details the Google docs, the aerial photo, and the video of the property. I saw the video and I wanted to buy it.
I think the fact that you’ve asked that question is just a testimony to how good of a realtor that you are. I don’t think that you guys could have done anything differently. I think it was wonderful. It was wonderful from the beginning to end.
I’d gotten to a point that we’ve been through enough realtors so in the beginning I was hesitant and leery of any realtor to be honest with you. I’d got to the point where I didn’t trust any of them. And so I think, as much as I liked the presentation I still had that bad taste in my mouth. Here we go again- Hopefully this is going to be different. Hopefully they’ll actually follow through on their promises. And now being on the back end of it, you guys lived up to every promise and exceeded. And we had yet to have a realtor even fulfill the basic promises.
Well, congratulations and enjoy your life without a condo to worry about. (Yeah!)

VIDEO: Best Realtor in Kaysville Utah – More Marketing Tools Than Anyone Else

“These days you need a modern approach to marketing your house because you can’t list it the way you used to”

See what Emilie has to say about all the marketing tools we used to get her house sold when her prior agent couldn’t get it done. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
My name is Emilie. I had a lovely home in Kaysville, West Kaysville, Utah. We were referred by actually a doctor that we know, who knew that we were selling our home and he suggested that they were the only team to go with because these days you need a modern approach to selling a home and you can’t just list your home the way you used to.
You guys worked hard, and my house did sell. I think I was given good feedback. I was given good information as to the price point that we needed to hit. Before we hired Joel and Ann we had been selling our home online with a flat-fee company but we just got short on time, and things weren’t happening in the timing that we felt like we needed.
Joel and Ann were very approachable, easy to contact, good at communicating. And the photographer that came through our home was definitely a better photographer than we had seen in our last home sale. The helicopter photography was a plus. The virtual tour that Ann did as a walkthrough to the house, we didn’t have that before either. That was a nice touch. The website that you built for us, we hadn’t seen before. Pretty much, before all we’ve ever done was list in the MLS. Currently we are in a market where how you list your home, and what you do to sell your home, how you present it, every detail of that matters and affects how quickly and for what price you will sell your home.
I would, I would recommend Joel and Ann because they have more tools than I’ve seen anybody else use for listing and selling your home.

VIDEO: How to Fire your Real Estate Agent and Make $10k More

“They were there when they said they were going to be, they contacted us when we were expecting it, and everything was just perfect!”

Is your real estate agent not getting as much for your house as you know you can? Learn how Tammy and Brian fired their first real estate agent/realtor and sold their house for $10,000 more. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript

My name’s Tammy Gentry. My husband and I planned a move to Twin Falls on account of him getting a job. We had it listed with a previous realtor for several months and we had had one offer that fell through and the rest of the time hardly anything. It was about eight thousand less than what we had listed it for. They wanted us to pay the closing costs.

With Joel and Ann the offers that we received we were able to do the highest and best and we were able to them negotiated between three offers and ended up getting what we were asking and not having to pay closing costs. We needless to say in a matter of days now sold our home.

Ann came and talked to us about what we can do to make the house better for showing. This was very helpful because we didn’t get that from the previous realtor. The marketing that Ann and Joel do is exceptional we feel like that because of that and the way they presented our home, and the listing, the description of our home, is basically what helped sell it also. When we saw the pictures that were posted with our listings both my husband and I thought wow this doesn’t even look like our house. And just the way they photographed and they had the professional photographer come in and take the photos. The video that Ann does and she does a walk through so that you actually have a feel for the way the house flows before you even really come to see it was very impressive. The aerial shots of the home showing the whole property that you’d be purchasing was actually impressive too because the house actually looks good from a higher point of view.

They were there when they said they were going to be, they texted when we were expecting it, and everything was just perfect!

So my husband and I are also dog lovers – they also have a contribution that they give you a choice to take four percent of their earnings and contribute to a no kill shelter of our choice which meant a lot to us because we had to put our dog down a year ago and it’s just kind of nice to know the there’s help out there for other people who need companionship and I just feel like we had a more positive experience and almost feel like we could just do it again through them. So I guess that’s it!