VIDEO: Best Realtor in Kaysville Utah – More Marketing Tools Than Anyone Else

“These days you need a modern approach to marketing your house because you can’t list it the way you used to”

See what Emilie has to say about all the marketing tools we used to get her house sold when her prior agent couldn’t get it done. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
My name is Emilie. I had a lovely home in Kaysville, West Kaysville, Utah. We were referred by actually a doctor that we know, who knew that we were selling our home and he suggested that they were the only team to go with because these days you need a modern approach to selling a home and you can’t just list your home the way you used to.
You guys worked hard, and my house did sell. I think I was given good feedback. I was given good information as to the price point that we needed to hit. Before we hired Joel and Ann we had been selling our home online with a flat-fee company but we just got short on time, and things weren’t happening in the timing that we felt like we needed.
Joel and Ann were very approachable, easy to contact, good at communicating. And the photographer that came through our home was definitely a better photographer than we had seen in our last home sale. The helicopter photography was a plus. The virtual tour that Ann did as a walkthrough to the house, we didn’t have that before either. That was a nice touch. The website that you built for us, we hadn’t seen before. Pretty much, before all we’ve ever done was list in the MLS. Currently we are in a market where how you list your home, and what you do to sell your home, how you present it, every detail of that matters and affects how quickly and for what price you will sell your home.
I would, I would recommend Joel and Ann because they have more tools than I’ve seen anybody else use for listing and selling your home.

VIDEO: How to Fire your Real Estate Agent and Make $10k More

“They were there when they said they were going to be, they contacted us when we were expecting it, and everything was just perfect!”

Is your real estate agent not getting as much for your house as you know you can? Learn how Tammy and Brian fired their first real estate agent/realtor and sold their house for $10,000 more. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript

My name’s Tammy Gentry. My husband and I planned a move to Twin Falls on account of him getting a job. We had it listed with a previous realtor for several months and we had had one offer that fell through and the rest of the time hardly anything. It was about eight thousand less than what we had listed it for. They wanted us to pay the closing costs.

With Joel and Ann the offers that we received we were able to do the highest and best and we were able to them negotiated between three offers and ended up getting what we were asking and not having to pay closing costs. We needless to say in a matter of days now sold our home.

Ann came and talked to us about what we can do to make the house better for showing. This was very helpful because we didn’t get that from the previous realtor. The marketing that Ann and Joel do is exceptional we feel like that because of that and the way they presented our home, and the listing, the description of our home, is basically what helped sell it also. When we saw the pictures that were posted with our listings both my husband and I thought wow this doesn’t even look like our house. And just the way they photographed and they had the professional photographer come in and take the photos. The video that Ann does and she does a walk through so that you actually have a feel for the way the house flows before you even really come to see it was very impressive. The aerial shots of the home showing the whole property that you’d be purchasing was actually impressive too because the house actually looks good from a higher point of view.

They were there when they said they were going to be, they texted when we were expecting it, and everything was just perfect!

So my husband and I are also dog lovers – they also have a contribution that they give you a choice to take four percent of their earnings and contribute to a no kill shelter of our choice which meant a lot to us because we had to put our dog down a year ago and it’s just kind of nice to know the there’s help out there for other people who need companionship and I just feel like we had a more positive experience and almost feel like we could just do it again through them. So I guess that’s it!

VIDEO: How to Market a Utah Home For Sale Outside the MLS

“The marketing outside the MLS made all of the difference”

See what Ron and Sandy have to say about how they sold their Roy Utah house by doing marketing outside the MLS. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
So, Ron and Sandy, we’re sitting at the closing table. You just sold a house and bought a house. Congratulations!
Thanks! Thank you!
So, let me start out by asking you, why did you decide to sell?
We just really wanted to downsize. Our kids are all gone and it was time for us to have a more reasonably sized home. We felt like there was a lot of extra marketing that went into selling. I loved seeing my home from an aerial view. That was kind of neat. Something that is really unique. You kept in touch with us, letting us know what you were marketing, what you were doing to sell our home. And that’s nice. Sometimes you don’t hear from anybody. You don’t know what they’re doing.
Facebook, there was websites, there were different social media; instead of just the MLS. And there were statistics behind that; I’m more of a statistical kind of guy, so. We had it listed with somebody else previously and it was just on the MLS, and there was a few showings and then it just dropped off and we had nothing. So it was really nice to see that there was other marketing besides just the MLS because I think that just makes a difference.
I loved getting weekly emails so we knew exactly what was going on with the house. Any time you had an update you kept us informed. You know, good or bad news you were happy to get us involved so we knew exactly what to expect and what was happening all along and that made a big difference. We never had to call you and say, “What’s going on?”
Well, the nice thing too is even if we were looking online, it just seemed like there was a lot of houses there. It’s overwhelming, and trying to wade through all those! Whereas, when we set up our criteria and you were able to send us a list, I think that just saved us huge amounts of time. I mean, I don’t how we could even, before we were spending hours and hours in front of the computer going through all the different listings. It was kind of really stupid actually! A big waste of time, and we’re super busy so it saved us a ton of time and helped us really narrow down what we wanted. And sometimes I felt like you guys asked us questions that maybe we didn’t even realize we needed to consider that helped us kind of narrow our search and helped us to focus a little more. I thought I was going to have to look at 30 or 40 homes because, well, (She likes to look at homes!) I didn’t realize you guys would be as good at what you do! You just found exactly what we wanted and narrowed it down to a few homes and I think we only looked at 5 homes before we were able to find the home we wanted so, that really, again, saved us time. Time’s money!
I would definitely recommend you, definitely!

VIDEO: How We Decided Between (FSBO) For Sale By Owner vs. Realtor Hiring

“You guys guided and navigated us through the selling process REALLY well”

Learn what Nick & Kacee did to decide between (FSBO) For Sale By Owner vs. hiring a REALTOR. How did it go? What happened when their buyer didn’t have a real estate agent? Watch this short video to learn. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
Working with you guys has been fantastic. Selling the house has been wild but you guys guided us and navigated us through that really well because we didn’t know what it was going to take. Definitely uneducated in the real estate world. So many unexpected situations come up where we have no experience and our families have no experience but you guys totally knew how.
You know we ended up settling on a buyer who was coming in unrepresented and you guys totally picked up their slack because they didn’t know what they are doing. Right. So you all took care of all of us. And I don’t think either one of us ever felt pressured to make a decision or do something that made us comfortable because of you guys, which are things that we’ve heard from other realtors. So that was really good! No, I think it’s really fun working with you guys and getting to know you.
Electronic signatures was super awesome! When we bought the house that we bought, it was all by hand. You got to print it, sign it, scan it, and return it. Yeah, and just click, click, click, click, click and it was done! I really liked the weekly updates when we have showings happen and the feedback forms. You guys kept that shared document of the feedback forms so we were able to go and look at that and see what people were saying. I mean a lot of it was kind of out of our control but anything that people mentioned that we could have changed, we tried to implement that.
I know you guys would go and call REALTORS to get the feedback ‘cause not everyone just leaves it so that was really cool. It is definitely complicated but I think you guys made it easy for us. Yeah! Exactly! We like that! Which is funny because you know Joel was asking us if we would think about doing for sale by owner or something like that, I said no. This is something where I intent to hire an expert because I’m not qualified to do this. Right, or maybe I could learn if I took a couple of years or how long it’ll take to learn. Yeah, we really don’t have the desire to do that. No, uh-uh. We like our own jobs. It’s nice working with people who really knew what was going on.

VIDEO: How to Stay In Your House After Selling for 6 Weeks

“They really represented me and ended up getting me what I wanted”

Want to stay in your house after selling, for 6 weeks or longer? See how Liam did this on his home in Layton Utah (near Hill AFB). Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
So my name is Liam, I live in Layton Utah and I recently contacted Ann and Joel to sell my house at the end of my military career, and selling my house now opens up many options for the future. I was recommended to Ann and Joel through really good friends of mine, Heidi and Jason, and since they are good friends I immediately called Ann and Joel and had a fabulous experience.
They sold my house very quick. They incorporated both interior and exterior video shoots. They used a drone to go around the outside and film the beautiful scenery and then the house. And on top of that they hired a professional photographer to really make the house pop. And I found through, of course I did my research, and interviewed a few other agents and they just didn’t have that ability to do what Ann and Joel do.
There were at least 19 people that came through which generated multiply offers so that made the decision process, once we started to sell, go a lot easier.
Their ability to negotiate with the seller’s agents, a lot of counter offer, and in the end Ann and Joel really represented me and ended up getting me what I wanted. About a month and a half delay moving into my next house and were able to negotiate actually staying at the current house after selling. So that was huge and it eliminated having to move twice and stay in a house temporarily for only a few weeks.
I cannot think of anything to improve their process any. They are spot on in what they do and they are very personable and the whole process was simple amazing. Normally selling a house is kind of cumbersome maybe a little frustrating, they put me at ease I really appreciated it.

VIDEO: How to Remove the Stress of Selling Your House

“Biggest difference: My first agent didn’t work, you did!”

Is the stress of selling your house getting to you? Learn what Levoy did to remove the stress of selling his house. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript

You both made me feel at ease. I appreciate you, especially your demeanor, you helped me through a lot. I’m going south. I’ve got family in the lower end state. I’m going where it is warmer and I can do my painting and gun cases.

You worked they [old agents] didn’t. All kidding aside, they never kept me abreast of what they were doing. I had to continually asked them, and it just wasn’t working out good, so I told him I just was through. When I answered what you sent, a card or a letter, it just sounded like you knew what you were doing. So after I first met you I figured out that you did! Lot of times from a letter things sound good but being able to be with the two of you, personally talk and go through the rooms, tt was very beneficial.

It’s good it really is [the marketing]. People picked up on it real quick and we got a lot of people moving through it. Things can be a lot better than we think. You’ve proved that. And I was made comfortable. I knew by what you asked me to do, get things out of the rooms open up things, you know a way to look at things in a buyer’s eye. So that was very helpful. Know that it has been a good experience, and I think I have found a friend as well as a REALTOR.

VIDEO: How To Get Over 30 Buyers To Your Utah Open House

“You guys have been super easy to communicate with”

See what Adrian and Jane have to say about how they sold her Roy Utah house by getting over 30 buyers to their first Utah open house. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
So Adrian and Jane, we’re here at the closing table. You just sold your house. How do you feel?
I’m excited!
Good! Why did you decide to sell your house?
We decided to sell our house to move into a bigger house and a different neighborhood.
Ok, great! And I think you were trying to sell it by yourself before.
Joel contacted you. So why did you decide to use a Realtor?
Joel contacted us, and we interviewed a couple different Realtor’s but we liked his best. We needed to get it sold quickly.
What did you like about our Marketing plan?
He just seemed the most thorough and I liked his Marketing plan, I like his pictures, and I liked the Facebook ads.
Did he prove true to his word?
Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Our first Open House had like 35 people through.
So what have you been telling your friends and family about the experience?
That it’s just been really easy! I keep telling, I have actually told everybody that you guys have been extremely easy to communicate with. Like, every time I have emailed or texted you, you really immediately get back to us really fast.
How did the process go? Was it as smooth and as hassle free as you wanted it to be?
Yeah, I mean, considering I was camping when we were getting the offers. Like, everything by phone, it was easy.
The electronic signatures?
My final question is why are you thrilled with the results?
We sold our house, quickly! I think in two weeks; it was just under two weeks from the time it went on the market to the time we had that offer. So really fast!
Well great! Well congratulations!
Thank you!
And we wish you all the best in your new home!