VIDEO: How We Decided Between (FSBO) For Sale By Owner vs. Realtor Hiring

“You guys guided and navigated us through the selling process REALLY well”

Learn what Nick & Kacee did to decide between (FSBO) For Sale By Owner vs. hiring a REALTOR. How did it go? What happened when their buyer didn’t have a real estate agent? Watch this short video to learn. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
Working with you guys has been fantastic. Selling the house has been wild but you guys guided us and navigated us through that really well because we didn’t know what it was going to take. Definitely uneducated in the real estate world. So many unexpected situations come up where we have no experience and our families have no experience but you guys totally knew how.
You know we ended up settling on a buyer who was coming in unrepresented and you guys totally picked up their slack because they didn’t know what they are doing. Right. So you all took care of all of us. And I don’t think either one of us ever felt pressured to make a decision or do something that made us comfortable because of you guys, which are things that we’ve heard from other realtors. So that was really good! No, I think it’s really fun working with you guys and getting to know you.
Electronic signatures was super awesome! When we bought the house that we bought, it was all by hand. You got to print it, sign it, scan it, and return it. Yeah, and just click, click, click, click, click and it was done! I really liked the weekly updates when we have showings happen and the feedback forms. You guys kept that shared document of the feedback forms so we were able to go and look at that and see what people were saying. I mean a lot of it was kind of out of our control but anything that people mentioned that we could have changed, we tried to implement that.
I know you guys would go and call REALTORS to get the feedback ‘cause not everyone just leaves it so that was really cool. It is definitely complicated but I think you guys made it easy for us. Yeah! Exactly! We like that! Which is funny because you know Joel was asking us if we would think about doing for sale by owner or something like that, I said no. This is something where I intent to hire an expert because I’m not qualified to do this. Right, or maybe I could learn if I took a couple of years or how long it’ll take to learn. Yeah, we really don’t have the desire to do that. No, uh-uh. We like our own jobs. It’s nice working with people who really knew what was going on.