VIDEO: How To Sell and Buy a Home on Same Day

“This process was the easiest and best!”

See what Rob and Karla have to say about how they sold their Pleasant View Utah house and bought their new Ogden home – on the same day. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
Rob: The fun begins and with a few other things coming up in the near future we decided it was time to downsize and move closer to where both of our moms are.
Karla: It was just very smooth from the very beginning. We were able to just click together. I believe that this process was probably one of the easiest and best. I really think the best was to go with you guys first because we have had a really good experience. I really liked the marketing. The very first thing that I like that you were able to do an Ariel view. I had never really seen something like that before so I was really impressed with the Ariel view. And then I was really impressed that you did the walkthrough, the things you said, and the enthusiasm that was shown, and the things that were showing so positive about our home. And then the way you guys marketing things and kept things going kept things moving, kept in touch with us to say ok what we can do here to see if we can help. And I really did appreciate how well that marketing went because I know that the marketing really helped us a lot and I know that it would have been harder if we wouldn’t have had the good marketing service’s that you guys gave us.
Rob: Everybody that we have talked to have been very impressed with everything and how it’s going. The timing has worked out perfect for selling this home and purchasing the other. We were able to close on both residences at the same time that was a big help.
Karla: I really can’t see anything that you guys could do different because you were so friendly, you were so helpful, and you were accessible to us, you helped us in any way possible. I just like what you’re doing so far so don’t break it what you got going is great.
Rob: Thanks Joel
Karla: Thanks Ann! Thanks Joel! Thanks everybody for all of your help to help us be successful to sell and move. Thank you very much