VIDEO: How to Remove the Stress of Selling Your House

“Biggest difference: My first agent didn’t work, you did!”

Is the stress of selling your house getting to you? Learn what Levoy did to remove the stress of selling his house. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript

You both made me feel at ease. I appreciate you, especially your demeanor, you helped me through a lot. I’m going south. I’ve got family in the lower end state. I’m going where it is warmer and I can do my painting and gun cases.

You worked they [old agents] didn’t. All kidding aside, they never kept me abreast of what they were doing. I had to continually asked them, and it just wasn’t working out good, so I told him I just was through. When I answered what you sent, a card or a letter, it just sounded like you knew what you were doing. So after I first met you I figured out that you did! Lot of times from a letter things sound good but being able to be with the two of you, personally talk and go through the rooms, tt was very beneficial.

It’s good it really is [the marketing]. People picked up on it real quick and we got a lot of people moving through it. Things can be a lot better than we think. You’ve proved that. And I was made comfortable. I knew by what you asked me to do, get things out of the rooms open up things, you know a way to look at things in a buyer’s eye. So that was very helpful. Know that it has been a good experience, and I think I have found a friend as well as a REALTOR.