VIDEO: Why You Should Not Hire a Friend as Your Realtor

“Crazy -7 Offers in 9 Days”

See what Devin & Carlee have to say about how they sold their Ogden Utah house and made almost $30,000 more by firing their friend/Realtor. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
Devin: We wanted to sell our home and buy a home just across the street because I was able to get into the home that I grew up in, however, things changed where that didn’t work out as well as what we hoped and so we had to kind of change our plans and we ended up finding this home in Ogden.
Carlee: It will officially be ours
Devin: I will officially be ours. It will be good. A little bit faster than we had anticipated but…
Carlee: It all worked out.
Devin: Yeah, I mean we are happy definitely happy with the price that we got for our house and also the experience. It was crazy 7 offers in like 8 or 9 days something like that.
Carlee: Everything
Devin: Yeah, I mean we even still have the picture of Joel that he took with his quad copter.
Carlee: And I think it’s cool that you guys do like the movie so people can walk through the house without actually walking through it.
Devin: Right, I mean it can be a good house a very good looking home with a lot of features on it but without the professional photography or you know even the right camera your house can go from what should be a 10 you know to maybe looking like a 5. And you know that the first things that buyers are looking at are just the pictures. Do they like the pictures? If they do then you know that goes on their list. If they don’t like the pictures they just continue on. And we tried to do that with a friend that just got her realtor license. And that was a disaster to say the best. I mean it was just not that she did a bad job I mean I know that she is learning.
Carlee: She just didn’t know how to sell a house.
Devin: Right they’re still new at it.
Carlee: You guys were great.
Devin: Yeah, you guys were defiantly great. And it was good to you know just have the experience that we did with you and Joel.
Ron is amazing, to say the least, I mean we tried to get just approved through another financial resource and that just didn’t work out. I mean it just kept dragging and dragging. I mean so that was amazing to be able to call Ron and get a preapproval letter within 6 hours. It went to underwriting and the next day it was approved.