VIDEO: How to Find the Best Utah REALTOR Ever – “Night and Day Difference”

“I felt like I was a customer and you were here to serve me.”

See how Kris got her Plain City Utah home sold for close to full price in 3 weeks when her prior agent couldn’t sell it in over 7 months. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
My name is Kristine and I had a home in Plain City Utah. The marketing I received from Joel and Ann was remarkably different than the lack of marketing I received from a prior company. When I Googled it or any type of search in input, my home was always listed on the front page.
The helicopter view, the pictures that were taken were so professional compared to the little snapshots that were taken by the phones of the prior agent. There was a remarkable difference with the amount of activity that I had with the prior REALTOR at the same price than with Joel and Ann at the same price. The prior REALTOR would contact me with a showing; it was random. Sometimes it was once every two weeks, I might have a showing, twice a week, or there are times that it was three weeks in between showings. The first week, I think I had 4 showings and I have an offer within 2 weeks.
I was treated like I was a priority. If I ever have a question, I knew that if I would contact either Joel or Ann, I would get an immediate answer and I am talking probably within 15 minutes or less I always had an answer; and that was totally night and day different than my prior realtor. All of the electronic signing of the documents; you don’t have to go in to the offices or leaving homes or anything like that.
I just like your guys’ service. I mean like I said I felt like I was a customer and you were here to serve me. The questions that I would probably ask you already knew the answer for, and that’s not the experience that I had before.