VIDEO: How We Made $10k More By Firing A Realtor

“We had great trust in you two. What A Relief!”

See what Mark & Annette have to say about how they sold their Ogden Utah house and made $10,000 more by firing a Realtor. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript

We hired Joel and Ann Zieve because Joel came to our house. He was the very first Realtor that came to our home after we took our house off the Market. We thought, “Wow! He’s been watching! He knows what’s going on in the Market!” And so, when we decided it was time to sell, we called Joel.

We did! I’m glad we did! We had lots of friends, and we didn’t want to have a friend for a Realtor this time. We wanted to have somebody that meant business; ended up having a friend, but that was wonderful too!

We had it at $419k, so we listed it with you at $439k; sold it at $430k. At $430, yes, and so we were pleased with that! I’m sure it didn’t sell last time because there was not any exposure. There was very little exposure to the house. And Joel and Ann were able to put this out on the Market where we’d see it every day. Over and over again. And would come back up on the Market and so there was plenty of exposure to the house, to the property. And the pictures they took were fabulous! I mean, made it look better than it was! But it’s a beautiful home anyway! And they took aerial views, and a video of the house also that anybody could go on and look at. All those things were great parts of the puzzle that helped it.

We made an offer on a home that we wanted to purchase, and the Realtors helped us as you’ve helped us to be able to get that. It took a lot of time and a lot of machinations. A lot of things that had to happen, and stayed right with us as we, they walked us through that. We couldn’t purchase because we hadn’t sold ours, and so we were able to put a contingency on that property and we’d made the offer with a contingency to sell ours and the seller was able to go along with that. And so we were able to do that. And then when ours did sell then we were able to go ahead and smoothly make that adjustment.

We had constant emails and texts and phone calls to keep us informed of everything that happened so that we weren’t surprised, so that we didn’t find ourselves confused about anything or any process. And I thought that was comforting, and it was good! And we always felt like we could call or text back to find out answers too, which we did.

Joel and Ann are a great team! They each know what they’re doing and they work together and make it happen. Appreciate it! And we trusted you too! You know, we had great trust in what you were doing and we just had to be able to do that. You know, instead of wondering if this was going to happen, or that was going to happen, you know, which has happened in the past before. We appreciate you. It was a lovely experience for us. We really appreciated it. It’s gone very smooth and, what a relief!