VIDEO: How We Sold Liberty Utah House After Buyer Backed Out

“The buyer backed out, Ann got them back to the table”

See how Doug and Jean sold Liberty Utah house (in the Ogden Valley) after losing their buyer the first time. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
I’m Doug
And I’m Jean.
Our house is located in Liberty, Utah.Beautiful place up in the mountains. We’ve lived there a long time in our home but to sell our home, we want to be closer to our grandchildren, we have a whole bunch of grandkids. We’ve been around the block once or twice so I really think it’s time to make that move. So we have.
Joel and Ann were engaged in getting it taken care of. They communicated with us. Seems like some of the other Realtors listed it and we did not hear from them much.
They called us repeatedly to make sure things were done right and correct.
The buyer cancelled the contract and Ann suggested: “Well let’s just let them know what you’ve done to the house and then see if they are still interested”. That actually brought them back to the selling table which was nice.
It was a good idea to look at what (else) was on the market, helping us put it at a reasonable price.
I think you have the advantage of being a husband-wife team. You’ve got two personalities that worked with us. You have choices that other agents don’t.
(A neighbor) was a positive influence on us calling you in the first place. And if you’ve sold something for Steve, especially Steve! We won’t use the last name, but that’s a feather in your cap. That was a good sign.
We would recommend anybody to talk to you cause we felt like you did a good job.