VIDEO: How to Find a Non-Pushy Utah Buyer’s Agent

“It was really wonderful. It was smooth…”

See how Jason and Natalie saved up to 5%, found the perfect home, and weren’t subjected to a pushy REALTOR. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
A: So Jason and Natalie we just finished the closing on your home, how do you feel?
J & N: Excited.
A: How’s the process buying your first home?
J & N: It was really wonderful. It was smooth, we had a deadline of 3 months and we met the deadline on time and it was perfect. It wasn’t/you guys weren’t pushy. You were relaxed, helped us find what we wanted; what we needed. It was a good experience.
A: Good. So would you recommend us to your family and friends if they have to find a house?
J & N: Absolutely!
A: What would you tell them to expect?
J & N: Good quality customer service, timely appointments and meetings and a deadline that can be met. You are very on top of things, there were no surprises. No loopholes that we had to jump through. It was all up front and very clear. Yeah we had one agent that was really pushy she wanted us to get into the home that she wanted not we wanted. When we wanted to make an offer she wouldn’t accept making the offer. She thought it wasn’t right. She thought it was too low and so as she just blew us off. The house actually sold for less than what we wanted to put on.
A: What were your thoughts coming in to working with us?
J & N: I was just hoping that you wouldn’t be pushy, which you were not. That you would consider our wants and our needs, which you did. It was nice that you knew you who you were working with so it was a smooth process. So that it wasn’t like “oh, we’ve never worked with them before so we’ve got to delay our deadline. It was nice that you’ve worked with them before and it was very smooth.