VIDEO: How Outside The Box Real Estate Marketing Got It Sold

“Never Had An Experience Like This Before”

See what Renee and Weldon have to say about the outside the box real estate marketing that got the property sold. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
My name’s Renee Cross and I owned a lot on the East Bench of Ogden which Joel and Ann sold in a difficult market. My lot, they worked very hard, very diligently. They communicated very well to us on what was going on and the inquiries on the lot and I would recommend them whole-heartedly to anyone!
Past experiences in selling property in Utah have not been quite as pleasant. They’ve been very long-winded. Joel and Ann they have, every week given us weekly updates on any type of inquiry, what’s going on in the market in general and in the area. Joel and Ann, a tower of information! Did a lot of research, did a lot of communicating to us without us prompting at all. And I can honestly say I haven’t had that type of relationship with a REALTOR prior to meeting these two.
So, the Marketing was a little outside the box. I mean whether it’s the video stuff or the social media stuff, I think a lot of that stuff was outside the box.
And I think that really helped!
And we feel every confidence that we ever lead anyone to have Joel and Ann represent them that it would be a very, very good, fortunate move on their part! It was a very pleasant experience. We appreciate Ann and Joel’s hard work and their diligence and their information, communication. It was all top notch and we were very pleased with the results!
Yeah, excellent!
Thank you!