VIDEO: How to Use Social Media to Sell a Home in Northern Utah

“We Always Knew What Was Going On and the Next Steps”

See what Cody and Amber have to say about how they sold their Ogden Area house using Social Media. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
We wanted to move to a warmer climate. My body doesn’t seem to agree with the weather, and cold is not fun for me so we’ve decided to move to Florida.
Speed wise was great too! We only showed for, what, a month. Felt like we always knew what was going on, and that we would know what the next steps were.
It was awesome! It was nice that it was very social media friendly and so we were able to share it online, and stuff. We did get a couple people come to look at it from social media. And I loved that when we arranged the showings and stuff it was all like, I would get a text, or phone call, or whatever and so I always knew what was going on and could be prepared.
We’ve been telling people that you’re awesome! That Ann is awesome, and Joel is awesome! And that you guys made our house look really great online and everything!
That’s one thing we heard from our friends was that, how cool the aerial shots were of the home and going through the home tour was really neat. And it had a nice layout of the house available for people to see, instead of just wondering how everything lined up with pictures and stuff.
Well, with us looking at new homes in Florida it’s so hard to figure out what the house really looks like, and the layout and everything. It was so nice that our home, to sell, was great that way. I didn’t like having to be there when the people were coming to see the house. Because they always have, like, negative comments or whatever, and I don’t want to hear that about my house. So, it was way better to have just a Realtor come and show them and us not to have to worry about it. It was a really good experience.
Good experience!

VIDEO: Best Realtor in Kaysville Utah – More Marketing Tools Than Anyone Else

“These days you need a modern approach to marketing your house because you can’t list it the way you used to”

See what Emilie has to say about all the marketing tools we used to get her house sold when her prior agent couldn’t get it done. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
My name is Emilie. I had a lovely home in Kaysville, West Kaysville, Utah. We were referred by actually a doctor that we know, who knew that we were selling our home and he suggested that they were the only team to go with because these days you need a modern approach to selling a home and you can’t just list your home the way you used to.
You guys worked hard, and my house did sell. I think I was given good feedback. I was given good information as to the price point that we needed to hit. Before we hired Joel and Ann we had been selling our home online with a flat-fee company but we just got short on time, and things weren’t happening in the timing that we felt like we needed.
Joel and Ann were very approachable, easy to contact, good at communicating. And the photographer that came through our home was definitely a better photographer than we had seen in our last home sale. The helicopter photography was a plus. The virtual tour that Ann did as a walkthrough to the house, we didn’t have that before either. That was a nice touch. The website that you built for us, we hadn’t seen before. Pretty much, before all we’ve ever done was list in the MLS. Currently we are in a market where how you list your home, and what you do to sell your home, how you present it, every detail of that matters and affects how quickly and for what price you will sell your home.
I would, I would recommend Joel and Ann because they have more tools than I’ve seen anybody else use for listing and selling your home.

VIDEO: How to Fire your Real Estate Agent and Make $10k More

“They were there when they said they were going to be, they contacted us when we were expecting it, and everything was just perfect!”

Is your real estate agent not getting as much for your house as you know you can? Learn how Tammy and Brian fired their first real estate agent/realtor and sold their house for $10,000 more. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript

My name’s Tammy Gentry. My husband and I planned a move to Twin Falls on account of him getting a job. We had it listed with a previous realtor for several months and we had had one offer that fell through and the rest of the time hardly anything. It was about eight thousand less than what we had listed it for. They wanted us to pay the closing costs.

With Joel and Ann the offers that we received we were able to do the highest and best and we were able to them negotiated between three offers and ended up getting what we were asking and not having to pay closing costs. We needless to say in a matter of days now sold our home.

Ann came and talked to us about what we can do to make the house better for showing. This was very helpful because we didn’t get that from the previous realtor. The marketing that Ann and Joel do is exceptional we feel like that because of that and the way they presented our home, and the listing, the description of our home, is basically what helped sell it also. When we saw the pictures that were posted with our listings both my husband and I thought wow this doesn’t even look like our house. And just the way they photographed and they had the professional photographer come in and take the photos. The video that Ann does and she does a walk through so that you actually have a feel for the way the house flows before you even really come to see it was very impressive. The aerial shots of the home showing the whole property that you’d be purchasing was actually impressive too because the house actually looks good from a higher point of view.

They were there when they said they were going to be, they texted when we were expecting it, and everything was just perfect!

So my husband and I are also dog lovers – they also have a contribution that they give you a choice to take four percent of their earnings and contribute to a no kill shelter of our choice which meant a lot to us because we had to put our dog down a year ago and it’s just kind of nice to know the there’s help out there for other people who need companionship and I just feel like we had a more positive experience and almost feel like we could just do it again through them. So I guess that’s it!

VIDEO: How To Sell Utah Home When Out Of State

“It was so fast and easy, I was really floored”

See what Traci has to say about how she sold her South Ogden house while living out of state. Another raving fan of Joel andAnn Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
My name is Tracy Leabo and my house was located in South Ogden. It was a rental for a few years and I just decided I couldn’t hold on to it anymore and I needed help selling it. I got the help I was looking for!
It ended up selling very quickly. I found you guys through my parents. Basically my parents had sold a property. They’d had really back luck with the prior Realtor. He’d just drop the ball continuously and they had a hard time with it. They turned to Joel and Ann and they sold their property so quickly. I was just as thrilled with the process!
I really expected it to be on the market for at least a couple months. It was shocking! To get a call after three days that there was an offer on the house, and the offer was good, and it was decent. It was a huge relief! I wouldn’t have to make a trip up to Utah in order to sell the property or sign documents. With the emails and the way I was able to sign the documents was just, it was so easy! I was really floored!
Being able to contact Ann and Joel at pretty much any time was great. Any time I had a question they were very quick to get back and that really helped with the out of state issue. It was a non-issue.
With the marketing, I love the way my house was photographed! Everything looked really good. It looked very pristine. Facebook, and put it online. I have no doubt that that’s why it turned around so quickly. Call Ann and Joel right away! They’re on top of their game. They’ve really got the selling of homes down to an art! They did a great job with me. They did a great job with my parents. And I think that anybody would benefit from contacting them!

VIDEO: How to Market a Utah Home For Sale Outside the MLS

“The marketing outside the MLS made all of the difference”

See what Ron and Sandy have to say about how they sold their Roy Utah house by doing marketing outside the MLS. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
So, Ron and Sandy, we’re sitting at the closing table. You just sold a house and bought a house. Congratulations!
Thanks! Thank you!
So, let me start out by asking you, why did you decide to sell?
We just really wanted to downsize. Our kids are all gone and it was time for us to have a more reasonably sized home. We felt like there was a lot of extra marketing that went into selling. I loved seeing my home from an aerial view. That was kind of neat. Something that is really unique. You kept in touch with us, letting us know what you were marketing, what you were doing to sell our home. And that’s nice. Sometimes you don’t hear from anybody. You don’t know what they’re doing.
Facebook, there was websites, there were different social media; instead of just the MLS. And there were statistics behind that; I’m more of a statistical kind of guy, so. We had it listed with somebody else previously and it was just on the MLS, and there was a few showings and then it just dropped off and we had nothing. So it was really nice to see that there was other marketing besides just the MLS because I think that just makes a difference.
I loved getting weekly emails so we knew exactly what was going on with the house. Any time you had an update you kept us informed. You know, good or bad news you were happy to get us involved so we knew exactly what to expect and what was happening all along and that made a big difference. We never had to call you and say, “What’s going on?”
Well, the nice thing too is even if we were looking online, it just seemed like there was a lot of houses there. It’s overwhelming, and trying to wade through all those! Whereas, when we set up our criteria and you were able to send us a list, I think that just saved us huge amounts of time. I mean, I don’t how we could even, before we were spending hours and hours in front of the computer going through all the different listings. It was kind of really stupid actually! A big waste of time, and we’re super busy so it saved us a ton of time and helped us really narrow down what we wanted. And sometimes I felt like you guys asked us questions that maybe we didn’t even realize we needed to consider that helped us kind of narrow our search and helped us to focus a little more. I thought I was going to have to look at 30 or 40 homes because, well, (She likes to look at homes!) I didn’t realize you guys would be as good at what you do! You just found exactly what we wanted and narrowed it down to a few homes and I think we only looked at 5 homes before we were able to find the home we wanted so, that really, again, saved us time. Time’s money!
I would definitely recommend you, definitely!

VIDEO: How We Made $10k More By Firing A Realtor

“We had great trust in you two. What A Relief!”

See what Mark & Annette have to say about how they sold their Ogden Utah house and made $10,000 more by firing a Realtor. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript

We hired Joel and Ann Zieve because Joel came to our house. He was the very first Realtor that came to our home after we took our house off the Market. We thought, “Wow! He’s been watching! He knows what’s going on in the Market!” And so, when we decided it was time to sell, we called Joel.

We did! I’m glad we did! We had lots of friends, and we didn’t want to have a friend for a Realtor this time. We wanted to have somebody that meant business; ended up having a friend, but that was wonderful too!

We had it at $419k, so we listed it with you at $439k; sold it at $430k. At $430, yes, and so we were pleased with that! I’m sure it didn’t sell last time because there was not any exposure. There was very little exposure to the house. And Joel and Ann were able to put this out on the Market where we’d see it every day. Over and over again. And would come back up on the Market and so there was plenty of exposure to the house, to the property. And the pictures they took were fabulous! I mean, made it look better than it was! But it’s a beautiful home anyway! And they took aerial views, and a video of the house also that anybody could go on and look at. All those things were great parts of the puzzle that helped it.

We made an offer on a home that we wanted to purchase, and the Realtors helped us as you’ve helped us to be able to get that. It took a lot of time and a lot of machinations. A lot of things that had to happen, and stayed right with us as we, they walked us through that. We couldn’t purchase because we hadn’t sold ours, and so we were able to put a contingency on that property and we’d made the offer with a contingency to sell ours and the seller was able to go along with that. And so we were able to do that. And then when ours did sell then we were able to go ahead and smoothly make that adjustment.

We had constant emails and texts and phone calls to keep us informed of everything that happened so that we weren’t surprised, so that we didn’t find ourselves confused about anything or any process. And I thought that was comforting, and it was good! And we always felt like we could call or text back to find out answers too, which we did.

Joel and Ann are a great team! They each know what they’re doing and they work together and make it happen. Appreciate it! And we trusted you too! You know, we had great trust in what you were doing and we just had to be able to do that. You know, instead of wondering if this was going to happen, or that was going to happen, you know, which has happened in the past before. We appreciate you. It was a lovely experience for us. We really appreciated it. It’s gone very smooth and, what a relief!

VIDEO: How To Make Your Ogden Valley Home Dream Come True

“Thank you for your professionalism and getting me to my dream!”

See what Christina has to say about how she sold her Ogden Valley Home (Utah) and making her home dream come true by building a cottage close to her kids. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
My name is Christina and I’ve lived in my home, built it many years and decided to sell it to start a new little dream. For my retirement I’m going to build a little cottage and be close to my kids and grandkids. I just can’t even tell you about how blown away I am. It just worked! It worked like you said it was going to work. And my expectations where I wanted to sell my house.
The first realtor I had, I liked her but the process didn’t work real well. It was slow and I wanted someone a little more serious. I wanted a more wider base of you know, people that were going to look at the house, so you did that. I was really impressed; it worked so well for me. Oh my gosh! I got somebody from out-of-state that just loves the place and is going to just, they are really, looking forward to retiring too and have a place for their animals. She likes rustic! It’s a rustic country home so it did; it needed the right person and you found her!
Yeah, the first realtor I had, we had basically the same price. She just didn’t show it as often. I didn’t get the showings, the activities. I’m not, I’m not quite sure what she used. But it was not sufficient to get my house out to the amount of people that needed to see it. I know when you brought the helicopter up or the drone that was really interesting. The pictures were really nice and really showed it off very well. Since my buyer is from out-of-state she did look at those pictures. Yea, I got a full offer and you know then in fact they even upped it just a little bit over what I had listed.
You know the one day I had like four showings, that day they wanted to put their offer right in so that’s, it was really exciting. I felt really comfortable. You guys kept me informed, lead me through the process. Yeah, I have, you know, really talked you guys up and really professional and got it out there. I liked that it was an out-of-state buyer since I’m going to be a neighbor of my old property. It’s really exciting to see someone that loves it; she loves it; absolutely loves it, like I’ve loved it. It worked the way it was supposed to work. I really am impressed. You just see I’m just so happy! It’s just been so painless, so thank you so much, I want to thank you for your professionalism and getting me to my dream!

VIDEO: How To Sell Utah Home For Over Asking Price

“Sold the house for more than what we were asking”

See how Donovan got his Ogden Utah home sold in 1/2 the time and for 4% more (compared to the average agent).  Plus an offer that was over asking price!  Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
And so we sold the house for more than what we were asking for it. That was actually a really good thing for us. We had our asking price at $148,500 and we sold it for $152,000. Joel helped me through the steps of how to go about countering and stuff for some of the things they wanted for some of the things we wanted. We were able to end up getting more for it.
Before we sold the home, we actually had a different realtor, who, I’ll tell you the experience between them/that realtor and you guys was actually a lot different. I mean you guys were communicating with us all the time. I mean Charity always knew what was going on when people were coming and stuff, if people would come, and when they actually they did come. I mean before, there was actually somebody in our house and we really didn’t know what was going on. It kind of was weird you know.
The fact that that realtor actually never knew anything or have any feedback from the people. It was bad on that part where you guys did a really good job with that. We felt really informed like there was good communication between you guys and us. We had a lot more showings with you guys were our realtor vs the other people too. Over there we had maybe (we had Coldwell Banker before) and we had maybe 1 showing every 2 weeks. And we had you guys we had like 2 or 3 showings every day. And we had access to all of that information too – you guys were sending emails and stuff and I’d be able to see how many people were in my home, what people’s feedback was, what people thought about the price and condition of the home.
I’m excited to have it sold! It’s actually a good feeling, you know, to get out, and re-explore the world.

VIDEO: How to Find the Best Utah REALTOR Ever – “Night and Day Difference”

“I felt like I was a customer and you were here to serve me.”

See how Kris got her Plain City Utah home sold for close to full price in 3 weeks when her prior agent couldn’t sell it in over 7 months. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

See all the video testimonials and endorsements here.

Video Transcript
My name is Kristine and I had a home in Plain City Utah. The marketing I received from Joel and Ann was remarkably different than the lack of marketing I received from a prior company. When I Googled it or any type of search in input, my home was always listed on the front page.
The helicopter view, the pictures that were taken were so professional compared to the little snapshots that were taken by the phones of the prior agent. There was a remarkable difference with the amount of activity that I had with the prior REALTOR at the same price than with Joel and Ann at the same price. The prior REALTOR would contact me with a showing; it was random. Sometimes it was once every two weeks, I might have a showing, twice a week, or there are times that it was three weeks in between showings. The first week, I think I had 4 showings and I have an offer within 2 weeks.
I was treated like I was a priority. If I ever have a question, I knew that if I would contact either Joel or Ann, I would get an immediate answer and I am talking probably within 15 minutes or less I always had an answer; and that was totally night and day different than my prior realtor. All of the electronic signing of the documents; you don’t have to go in to the offices or leaving homes or anything like that.
I just like your guys’ service. I mean like I said I felt like I was a customer and you were here to serve me. The questions that I would probably ask you already knew the answer for, and that’s not the experience that I had before.

VIDEO: Why You Should Not Hire a Friend as Your Realtor

“Crazy -7 Offers in 9 Days”

See what Devin & Carlee have to say about how they sold their Ogden Utah house and made almost $30,000 more by firing their friend/Realtor. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

See all the video testimonials and endorsements here.

Video Transcript
Devin: We wanted to sell our home and buy a home just across the street because I was able to get into the home that I grew up in, however, things changed where that didn’t work out as well as what we hoped and so we had to kind of change our plans and we ended up finding this home in Ogden.
Carlee: It will officially be ours
Devin: I will officially be ours. It will be good. A little bit faster than we had anticipated but…
Carlee: It all worked out.
Devin: Yeah, I mean we are happy definitely happy with the price that we got for our house and also the experience. It was crazy 7 offers in like 8 or 9 days something like that.
Carlee: Everything
Devin: Yeah, I mean we even still have the picture of Joel that he took with his quad copter.
Carlee: And I think it’s cool that you guys do like the movie so people can walk through the house without actually walking through it.
Devin: Right, I mean it can be a good house a very good looking home with a lot of features on it but without the professional photography or you know even the right camera your house can go from what should be a 10 you know to maybe looking like a 5. And you know that the first things that buyers are looking at are just the pictures. Do they like the pictures? If they do then you know that goes on their list. If they don’t like the pictures they just continue on. And we tried to do that with a friend that just got her realtor license. And that was a disaster to say the best. I mean it was just not that she did a bad job I mean I know that she is learning.
Carlee: She just didn’t know how to sell a house.
Devin: Right they’re still new at it.
Carlee: You guys were great.
Devin: Yeah, you guys were defiantly great. And it was good to you know just have the experience that we did with you and Joel.
Ron is amazing, to say the least, I mean we tried to get just approved through another financial resource and that just didn’t work out. I mean it just kept dragging and dragging. I mean so that was amazing to be able to call Ron and get a preapproval letter within 6 hours. It went to underwriting and the next day it was approved.