VIDEO: How To Sell Utah Home When Out Of State

“It was so fast and easy, I was really floored”

See what Traci has to say about how she sold her South Ogden house while living out of state. Another raving fan of Joel andAnn Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
My name is Tracy Leabo and my house was located in South Ogden. It was a rental for a few years and I just decided I couldn’t hold on to it anymore and I needed help selling it. I got the help I was looking for!
It ended up selling very quickly. I found you guys through my parents. Basically my parents had sold a property. They’d had really back luck with the prior Realtor. He’d just drop the ball continuously and they had a hard time with it. They turned to Joel and Ann and they sold their property so quickly. I was just as thrilled with the process!
I really expected it to be on the market for at least a couple months. It was shocking! To get a call after three days that there was an offer on the house, and the offer was good, and it was decent. It was a huge relief! I wouldn’t have to make a trip up to Utah in order to sell the property or sign documents. With the emails and the way I was able to sign the documents was just, it was so easy! I was really floored!
Being able to contact Ann and Joel at pretty much any time was great. Any time I had a question they were very quick to get back and that really helped with the out of state issue. It was a non-issue.
With the marketing, I love the way my house was photographed! Everything looked really good. It looked very pristine. Facebook, and put it online. I have no doubt that that’s why it turned around so quickly. Call Ann and Joel right away! They’re on top of their game. They’ve really got the selling of homes down to an art! They did a great job with me. They did a great job with my parents. And I think that anybody would benefit from contacting them!