VIDEO: How To Save 6 Months When Selling Your Ogden Valley Utah Property

“We wish we had found the Zieve’s first – could have saved 6 Months”

Want to sell your house fast for top dollar? See what Steve has to say about how he sold his Ogden Valley Utah house and how he could have saved 6 month. Another raving fan of Joel and Ann Zieve, Keller Williams Success Realty, Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
My name is Steven Clarke and Linda, my wife, and I decided to sell we concluded that we would move to Florida. We have had a dear friend who was a realtor he did many good things we appreciated his service a great deal but the house didn’t sell. So that listing expired and when we were looking for the next step forward we interviewed a half a dozen of the best realtor outfits that we knew and the best realtors we had heard of. And we selected the Zieve’s because we felt that the marketing that they do in terms of positioning the house and promoting that position with the video walkthroughs, the feedback to us was important because we hadn’t had as good of feedback form the last experience. They knew the internet and it was clear to us that they were focused on internet marketing. And we had become convinced that internet marketing was the way that most people see their home, their new home for the first time. They really prepared good material including the Ariel photography, including the narrated walkthrough, including the description of the property. We had 800 square feet of the house tied up in an art studio and that was the portion that stumped most people they weren’t creative enough to see how they could use that. But, Zieve’s marketed it as a house with a studio right up front and so when the folks started showing up to come through the house they were qualified. The 3 weeks it took to get a contract on the house was all productive. It was excellent work on their part, we are very happy, a successful marketing plan in every regard. But we wish we had found Zieve’s first instead of second. It would have saved us 6 months. We are very appreciative of the professional way they performed their job. We are very appreciative of the feedback that we received each week we received feedback, that was in detail but not personal. They employed all the right tools it seemed to us, advanced tools, better than any that we had seen earlier in our experiences in buying and selling houses.