How To Sell Clinton Utah Home When Three Realtors Could Not

“Three Bad Realtor Experiences Before We Found Joel & Ann (and how much it cost us)”

See what Yaneth has to say about the 3 horrible experiences she had with her prior agents. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
We ran out of space in the house, it’s too small for us. We have two kids and only two bedrooms so we needed more than that.
We went through three different Realtors before you guys and it didn’t work out. Because we also had planned on selling my house and then buying a new house. So with all three of them we had really bad experience. Like I mentioned to you before, one of them I look up houses online and they would just show me whatever they want, not what I wanted to see. And there was another person that was barely starting to help people in the Real Estate industry, so he would try to push us into buying something much bigger than what we needed and much expensive than what we can afford. And the last person, it was a really bad experience because he didn’t take care of us and our money. We lost two thousand dollars!
I like that it has been very easy to communicate with you guys. The thing that I like the most is the signing; yes, the electronic. I don’t have to be driving and like setting up times, especially with my work that I work a lot, 5 days a week. I don’t have that much time to meet up with people and then have these kind of meetings for signing. So, it has been really great to just sign online.
Yes, it was great because even my parents and some other people that I know have sold houses and it has been kind of frustrating. But with my house I could say you got it on Google, I can Google it and I will see the pictures, I had a website, I can find it pretty much everywhere! So it was real easy!
I feel like you listen to us, me and my husband, and what we like, you take notes. So that’s really important to me because you’re looking at houses for us, not for what you want to sell. That’s what I like the most!
Thank you so much, on behalf of my family too, thank you!