VIDEO: How to Sell a House in 13 Days

“How They Sold My House in 13 Days When my 1st REALTOR Couldn’t After Almost 6 Months”

Learn how Janice sold her house in 13 days when her first REALTOR couldn’t after almost 6 months.

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Video Transcript
I am Janice. The house that was just sold for me was my father’s. I had the house listed with another realtor. I was disappointed with the realtor because he made a lot of promises, and I really did trust him that he was going to get the house up for sale. He was going to get it out in the newspapers and on the Internet and everything that he had to do, and when three months passed by, I hadn’t seen very much going on with him trying to sell the house, had been kind of slow in doing everything and he was very sorry. At that time I knew that I probably had made a mistake with this realtor. He had it listed for $230,000 which was news to me because I didn’t even know that it had expired. So my realtor had not kept me up to date with anything with my house. At this time it kind of took me, you know, set me back a little bit because I wasn’t trusting at that time. I just knew that I had to be a little bit more careful, you know, who I put as a realtor. We had it listed for $220,000. Showings started immediately which I was very impressed, and I thought maybe this time I’ve got a good realtor. From the very first day until the day I closed I was impressed with Joel and Ann kept in contact with me constantly and it felt good to know that somebody was actually out there working to try to get the house sold is that I am very grateful that I listened and there was somebody very trusting and these realtors that I went with, and I would be the very first to be able to encourage any of my friends or relatives to go with them. I really appreciate you. You’re like very special to me.