VIDEO: How to Choose a REALTOR After Talking to Dozens

“Why we picked Joel and Ann after talking to dozens of REALTORS”

Learn what Darci & Ryan did to choose a REALTOR after talking to dozens of them and why they picked Joel & Ann Zieve.

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Video Transcript
My name is Ryan. This is Darcy. We just sold our house with Joel and Ann, and we have a house that we’ve lived in for almost six years on the west side of Layton City, and Joel and Ann have helped us in selling our home quickly and getting us in the timeframe that we needed. Our house sold within a week of listing. In the first week on Saturday they did an open house. We had by the end of the open house we had three, three? Two or three offers. I can’t remember. Darcy and I decided to try to sell our house by ourselves not knowing anything about real estate but listed it on KSL and Zillow. We had a lot of realtors call us and maybe one or two potential buyers, and we were pressured by hundreds of phone calls. So after interviewing three different realtors, we chose them and it worked good.
I think there was a 2000 step plan with like 800 flyover helicopters. We liked the plan that Joel and Ann presented to us, the marketing plan listing our house as up and coming so that people could get ready for it. They went ant talked to I think our whole neighborhood, knocked on their doors and got people interested and before our house was even on the market we’d find it on Google and see that they had already done the work without being chosen to sell our home, and so they were proactive before they were even, before we signed the agreement for them to sell our house.
Darcy: They were also a lot more organized.This is who you need to interview. [laughs] So the reason that I would recommend Joel and Ann is one, they are very, extremely helpful. They are not pushy. They do what they say they are going to do, and they communicate really well.