Huntsville Marathon in Ogden Valley Utah

Since 2012, the last weekend of September, the town of Huntsville Utah has put on a Boston Marathon qualifier, called, you guessed it, the Huntsville Marathon.  It has grown every year, and why not?  This amazing course (The Full Monte) starts past Monte Cristo and ends at the Huntsville Park.  Working your way down the mountains brings new vistas and colors with every single turn (including amazing views of Snowbasin Ski Resort).  It’s like no other course in the country.  Check out the video and photos below to see for yourself.

In addition, there are runs of 1/2 Marathon, 10k and 5k.  Plus a children’s fun run and Mayor’s Walk.  Click the link above to learn more, or visit their Facebook Fan Page.

Enjoy this short fun aerial video of the 2012 Huntsville Utah Marathon:

These images are from the Huntsville Park – part of the fun and celebration during and after the marathon:

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Eden and Huntsville Utah Vacation Condos For Sale (Near Snowbasin and Powder Mountain)

Vacation condos can make an excellent investment opportunities depending on your goals and your lifestyle.  Nothing can beat an escape from home to the lifestyle of Ogden Valley Utah.  With a vacation condo, you not only get to use it yourself – when you are not using it, you can enjoy virtually hassle free “mail box money” (when choosing the right property management company).

There is no better place on the planet as far as we’re concerned as a year-round paradise than the Ogden Valley, UT.  It’s one of the few resort areas in the country that is a buyer’s market.  Click here for a list of vacation condos available for sale near Snowbasin and Powder Mountain ski resorts.

Here are some pictures and videos of some of the most popular vacation condos that await you in Ogden Valley:

Lakeside Village Condos For Sale

Lakeside Village

Moose Hollow Condos For Sale
Moose Hollow

Wolf Lodge Condos For Sale
Wolf Lodge

Ice Skating Rink in Ogden Valley, Huntsville Utah

Every winter, volunteers and business owners from Huntsville Utah flood a large portion of the Huntsville Park, turning it into a breath-taking winter playground your entire family can enjoy.  Have fun in the sun on this outdoor ice staking rink with a game of hockey, a little exercise or even practice your figure skating (see the video below).  You can even rent ice skates from some of the businesses right across the street.  So if you’re looking for something a little different to din in the Ogden Valley, this might be the ticket for you.  The Huntsville Park is minutes from Snowbasin and Eden Utah.

Check out the fun these families had on this perfect sunny winter day, surrounded by the mountains of Ogden Valley.

List of Ogden Valley Homes and Land For Sale (still a buyer’s market, but not for long).

Kayaking on Pineview Reservoir in Ogden Valley (Near Eden and Huntsville Utah)

The Ogden Valley isn’t just for fun-time winter activities.  Enjoy the all-sports lake called Pineview.  Nothing beats a day on the water surrounded by 360 degrees of mountains (including amazing vistas of the Snowbasin and Powder Mountain ski resorts).  You’ll find sport fishing opportunities like tiger muskie (blend of muskie and northern pike), smallmouth bass, bullhead catfish, sunfish, crappie and trout.

The 360 degrees of mountains around the lake and valley not only are visually breathtaking, they shelter the water from wind, producing glassy calm water, ideal for Kayaking (see video below), wake boarding and water skiing.  Be sure to check out the campgrounds and sandy beaches.

Enjoy this short aerial video of of peaceful Kayak Ride on Pineview Reservoir, Utah

List of Ogden Valley Homes and Land For Sale (still a buyer’s market, but not for long).

Concerts in Ogden Valley Utah




Summer is a great time for concerts in Ogden Valley Utah. What a great way to enjoy our cool summer mountain evenings with friends and family. You’ll find both local and national talent at venues like Snowbasin Ski Resort and area restaurants in Eden (Carols and Harley’sHarley and Buck’s and Huntsville (Huntsville Barbecue Company)





Enjoy this short aerial video from a concert at Wolf Mountain.

List of Ogden Valley Homes and Land For Sale (still a buyer’s market, but not for long).

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