Short Sale Seller Real Estate Agent Testimonials in Utah

Need a Short Sale?

Our team of attorneys, negotiators and agents close over 85% of short sales and have worked on hundreds and hundreds of short sales.  Some have even worked for the banks in the past (talk about an inside track!).  Here are some of the testimonials we’ve received.  Learn more about our short sale team.

“Thanks to the compassion and understanding of my situation,… took a very rough situation and handled all of my stress.” Debbie


“… helped me through the entire process and explained the process thoroughly.” Jerry


“They worked very closely & professionally with me, keeping me updated weekly on what was happening and saved me from having to deal with the bank….” Sue


“…helped us move forward with our lives and start fresh.” Erin & Kevin


“We thank them for making the process virtually painless.” Amy & Steve


“Knowing that a team of competent professionals was helping us to come to a resolution with our lender allowed us to move forward.” Shana & Charles


“We just want to thank you for helping us get the house sold!!! We could not have done it without you, as we tried for several years with other listings and “by owner” and the bank refusing to work with us. You helped us know what to do and say and handled all the negotiations with the lender on our behalf. It was a huge relief to us to work with someone who we could trust and who had the experience to get the job done in a timely manner and not put us in a worse situation! You were true to your word which is rare to find these days! We have told several others about you and will continue to do so. After all, who would you rather work with, a company who has done this “a few times” or a company that is more than experienced to get the job done and do it correctly!!” Mindy & Keith


“Thank you, Ann, and all of your hardworking staff & efforts on my behalf. Your staff has been compassionate and understanding as I went through this heart wrenching and difficult time. I struggled financially and emotionally to the point where I could see no end. The light in the tunnel was turned on by you and your staff as you worked to resolve with my lenders. Due to the economic difficulties our country is in, my forced retirement could not have come at a worse time adding to the struggle. Again, you have provided me the ability to move on with the negotiated amount of debt wiped out of about $150,000 and the peace of mind. A thank you seems so small.” Jennifer


“The team has taken a great weight ($230,000) off myself and my wife’s shoulders. They are very professional and courteous to us always. There was no work or effort on our part as they took care of everything. God bless and thank you very much.” Doug and Wilma


“Due to our large cut in income and the housing market taking a huge plunge we could no longer afford our home. We owed way more than we could sell our house for and became very uneasy. We talked to Ann’s team and they made us feel very comfortable and confident they could help us. They took away all of the negotiations with the mortgage company so we didn’t have to deal with it. They were able to reduce our mortgage debt from 264k down to 129k and in the end we didn’t have to pay a dime. We are very thankful we found this team as they made the whole process very easy for us. Thank you.” Cliff and Dinah


“I had perfect credit to start. The housing market took a dive, my relationship broke apart, and I was left trying to make it in this economy. I tried everything I could think of to get help. Banks, government, letters from the mail stating they could help. Nothing worked. I could not refinance, did not qualify for a government loan, I owed more on the house than it’s worth. I went through 4 realtors and my house was on the market for 30 months. I called Ann’s team and as of now it was my best move so far. My house sold on short sale and as of now I do not have to pay the difference to the bank. They settled everything for me and I did not have to get involved. I must thank them for everything.” John


“Ann made selling my house very easy taking care of everything so I didn’t have to. I lost my husband a year ago and was unable to afford my house by myself. She made this whole process of selling easy. I would recommend using her in any housing situation.” Jennifer


“This group, from the get-go, put us at ease. To top it all, we discovered that a short-sale option was far superior to foreclosure. (A short sale is an almost too-good-to-be-true-option.) That Ann’s team did all the heavy lifting to get our house sold was a tremendous relief. We are very thankful we found her.” Robert and Julie


“We bought the house before the housing market crashed and found ourselves in a situation where we were paying a lot of money for a house that wasn’t worth much. I decided to go back to school and wasn’t making as much money, which only added to our debt and stress. Ann’s team worked extremely … to get our home sold and our loans taken care of. It is a long process at times, however it has been completely worth it. We owed $23,500 on our 2nd mortgage and they got them to take $7500 and show “settled in full” on our credit report. Our first mortgage was $125,000 and they got them to take $59,500, both of which we OWE NOTHING. We are extremely thankful for all of the hard work.” Brandon and Katherine


… “they were able to reduce our mortgage debt from 264k down to 129k and in the end we didn’t have to pay a dime.” Cliff and Dinah


“What can we say about Ann and the people who work with her. They were amazing from the very beginning. We, like many people, were in a bad situation with our mortgage company with the high interest rate which led to a payment we just couldn’t afford. Desperate, we bought into a couple scams which cost us money we didn’t have. So needless to say when I heard from Ann we were a little skeptical. That feeling was completely wrong. From the very beginning they have stayed true to their word. They were always so compassionate about our situation and what we were going through. Even when things didn’t go necessarily as planned, they continued to work hard to get any issues resolved. They were not just negotiators to us, they truly became our friends who we feel sincerely cared. We are so thankful to them for helping us resolve a situation that no one ever wants to go through. I would recommend anyone who has any needs as far as their houses go to get in contact with them. They are great. Just in case you’re wondering our original debt was $197,000. Ann’s team got the mortgage company to settle for $86,000 which was a savings of $111,000. Amazing!!” Mike and Jen


“The minute Ann’s team came on board the ball started rolling much faster than it had earlier. Within weeks of signing on my house was sold with very little work on my end. I travel a lot and at times makes it hard for me to perform a lot of the functions that go into selling a house. The staff was knowledgeable and well organized. The original debt was $260,000. Settled at $138,000, which in turn wiped out $122,000 and saved me on foreclosure.” Adam


“After falling upon hard times such as loss of income, bankruptcy, adjustable rate mortgage and increased family size, we were unable to afford our house payment. We tried multiple times to work with our mortgage company and tried to refinance with other lenders to no avail. We were facing foreclosure. We researched our options and found Ann’s team online. They worked wonders for us. Thank you so very much.” Shannon & Nicole


“When signing the final papers for the sale, I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders! I could finally begin to rebuild my life, and my credit. Thanks to Ann’s team for giving me back the confidence and sense of security I need. This team has truly been a blessing for me and can be a blessing for you, too!” Jeffrey


“I found myself, like a lot of other homeowners, owing on my mortgage a payment I could not afford. On top of that, I relocated…for a new job. Paying both a mortgage payment on a house that was vacant along with rent at my new place just became a huge burden on my life. With the help of Ann’s team, they were able to sell a house that I had for sale on the market for over a year with no offers, in just 3 months! They were able to wipe out over $64K in debt to my mortgage companies. This is something that I couldn’t imagine. From the bottom of my heart I truly thank them for all they did and would highly recommend their services to anyone. Thanks again!” Michael