Ogden Valley Utah Aerial Panorama Photos

People ask me why we chose Ogden Valley Utah to live.  I got to the point where I realized that unless you’ve spent time here, there’s just no way to understand the beauty of the Ogden Valley.  Besides being home to three amazing ski resorts: Snowbasin (host of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games), Powder Mountain (know affectionally as PowMow) and Nordic Valley (formally Wolf Mountain), there’s dozens of reasons to live here.

The year-round beauty is tops on the list, and these aerial panorama photos (taken between Eden and Liberty) will give you a little bit of a taste.  Click to see full size (really large) images.

Ogden Valley Spring Panorama 1

Ogden Valley Spring Panorama 2

List of Ogden Valley Homes and Land For Sale (still a buyer’s market in some price ranges).

Tennis Courts in Ogden Valley Utah (Eden, Huntsville, Liberty) near Snowcrest Junior High School

These beautiful, state of the art, brand new public courts were completed with a generous RAMP grant and the support of hundreds in Ogden Valley.  They sit on the north side of Snowcrest Junior High School in Eden Utah. Can you imagine playing either in a tournament or just a pickup game in this gorgeous Ogden Valley setting? Check out the OVTA’s web page to learn more about their offerings, goals, plans and much more. The OVTA asked me to get this picture for them to commemorate their recent affiliation with the United States Tennis Association (USTA).

This shot was taken in mid-November, prior to the first big snow storm which covers the mountains and gets our valley ready for a great winter of skiing and riding (Snowbasin, Powder Mountain, Wolf Mountain) on the Best Snow on Earth.

List of Ogden Valley Homes and Land For Sale (still a buyer’s market, but not for long).