Ogden Valley Utah Aerial Panorama Photos

People ask me why we chose Ogden Valley Utah to live.  I got to the point where I realized that unless you’ve spent time here, there’s just no way to understand the beauty of the Ogden Valley.  Besides being home to three amazing ski resorts: Snowbasin (host of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games), Powder Mountain (know affectionally as PowMow) and Nordic Valley (formally Wolf Mountain), there’s dozens of reasons to live here.

The year-round beauty is tops on the list, and these aerial panorama photos (taken between Eden and Liberty) will give you a little bit of a taste.  Click to see full size (really large) images.

Ogden Valley Spring Panorama 1

Ogden Valley Spring Panorama 2

List of Ogden Valley Homes and Land For Sale (still a buyer’s market in some price ranges).