November 2014 Utah Home Sales Data – Should I Sell During the Winter?

This Week I Cover…

  • Sales data & trends heading into the 2014 holiday season
  • Signs that the 2014-2015 winter could be big for sellers
  • What you can expect for the rest of 2014
  • Should you sell during the winter?
  • Much more…


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Video Transcript
Hey, everyone, it’s Joel Zieve with Keller Williams Realty and the Northern Utah Home Team. I just wanted to give you a quick market update to show you how things are headed, looking, heading into the holidays this time of year.
Okay, so I know there’s a lot here. So let’s just focus on the things that you’re probably most interested about. The first is history of list price. So I’ve got two years’ worth of data here, and the orange line is actually the sales price and what you see happening here. So in 2013, it spiked quite a bit, and then not quite the increase, but still an increase toward the end of the summer and in the fall for 2014, and how long are they taking to sell—that’s the accumulative day on market, and that’s the green line here, so that’s that trend. Months of inventory—months of inventory means that based on the number of offices that are currently for sale, how long would it take—how many months would it take based on how quickly they are selling to completely deplete the market. So you’ve heard some people talk about having a low inventory. That’s exactly what we’re in and headed toward right now which leads to increased prices, which is, of course, great for sellers, not so much for buyers.
Let me explain this one to you. This one is very interesting. This shows changes from year-over-year, and I have lined it up to match the top. So basically this is the 100% line. So for price, this shows the change in price compared to the same time 12 months prior, and what you’ve seen is a gradual increase with a little dip here when things sold off at the end of the summer, but prices continue to climb compared to where they were last year, and these are the most interesting things—the total listings have just been taking a nosedive. We’re now at 90% of this time last year, and also, the months of inventory is also drastically down. So if this trend continues, what we are going to see is prices continuing to increase because of the lack of inventory. So if you know anybody, or if you’re thinking about selling over the winter, but you have this mindset that the market isn’t as good in the winter as it is in the spring or the summer, I think we’re about to see that change. So I hope that helps. If you have any questions, of course, give me a call. Thanks! And I hope this was helpful.