How To Get Multiple Offers On My Home

Exclusive Instant Multiple Offer System (TM)

How To Get Multiple Buyers Bidding On Your House And Sold In 9 Days


Imagine for a moment an auction. You’ve been to one before right?  The prime item is brought to the stage.  A dozen buyers have been anticipating buying this antique clock, watch, trip to Disneyland, etc, for days if not weeks.  Even if you’re not bidding, you get all amped up with all of the excitement right?  You think the audience and buyers are exciting, hey, how about the seller?  He or she is about to sell this item at this auction for top dollar, likely even above what it’s really worth.


auctioneerHow’d you like to be that seller?

Guess what? You can be, and not just for some token item or piece of art. Much better – for your house!


goodbyeSay Goodbye To:

  • Mopping floors and making your beds for weeks or months on end as you wait for the right single buyer to make you an offer
  • Leaving your house for weeks or months, at a moment’s notice, just to have only one potential buyer come through
  • Hoping you get as much as you can out of one loan buyer


helloSay Hello To:

  • A buying frenzy over your house (think of the craziness of Black Friday and you’ll start to get the idea).
  • Multiple offers from fully qualified buyers, all within a very short period of time (9 days or less)
  • You as the seller having the power in the negotiation. Power comes from having choices, and multiple buyers bring you multiple choices, right?
  • Positioning buyers against each other and bidding up the price of your house


How is this accomplished?  One word: Massive Exposure (ok, that’s two words).  Massive Exposure leads to more buyers driving the price higher up – just like the auction, right?



  • This will work in a balanced or seller’s market (which is what we have in most of Northern Utah right now), and will not work in a buyer’s market (in which case you’ll want our Ultimate 57-Point Marketing Plan).
  • It’s critical that the house be priced perfectly. Too high, and no bidders show up. Too low and it won’t be bid up high enough. We’ll recommend that perfect price.

What’s that price?  Find out right now, right here.


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