How to Buy and Sell a Utah Home on the Same Day

“They listened to us about what we wanted and didn’t show us any homes we wouldn’t be interested in”

Why move twice when you can time the sale of your house and purchase of your next home so you can close on both on the same day, plus allow time to move? To learn how Chris and Melanie did exactly that, watch this short video. Another raving fan of Keller Williams Northern Utah Home Team.

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Video Transcript
Ann and Joel really made it work! We wanted to buy and sell – be able to sell ours and move into a new one and they were able to schedule it and make it work out just right. We sold and bought at the same time!
Ann always got back to me really quickly on all of my many questions.
Before we officially started looking for a house, we met with a Realtor and they didn’t really engage with us very much or ask questions about what we are looking for just kind of sat around while we looked at a house. It was nice to actually have some input.
Ann and Joel listened to us about what we wanted in a home and didn’t show us homes that we wouldn’t be interested in. Ann was really good to go around with us and she pointed out things in the home we might like and we might not like. That was really good to have another pair of eyes and that she was able to find these things for us.