Aerial Photos from Ogden Valley Balloon Festival, 2014

Here’s one more reason to love the Ogden Valley – the annual Balloon and Artist Festival.  This year, launches were at Snowcrest Jr. High School.  There was an evening launch at Nordic Valley (formally Wolf Mountain) along with the night Balloon Glow, concerts (all day and night), food, artists, vendors, kids play area, and so much more.

To learn more about the Festival, check out the Ogden Valley Balloon and Artist Festival web site.

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put the camera in the air to get these amazing photos (below) and video so we are posting here to share with you.

Click on any of the images to view the full image.

BalloonFest2014-07 BalloonFest2014-02 BalloonFest2014-03 BalloonFest2014-08 BalloonFest2014-06 BalloonFest2014-09 BalloonFest2014-10 BalloonFest2014-01 BalloonFest2014-04 BalloonFest2014-05

We use this same equipment to create the aerial photos and videos that are part of our Ultimate 57-Point Marketing Plan to help sell homes for sale in Ogden Valley Utah.  Here’s a sample.

List of Ogden Valley Homes and Land For Sale (still a buyer’s market, but not for long).