===>> Deal of the Week – Layton, NOT What You Think a “Deal” Should Look Like

===>> Deal of the Week – Layton, NOT What You Think a “Deal” Should Look Like

Quick – what do you picture when you’re expecting to see a great real estate deal? Bad neighborhood, home that needs a bunch of work or is really outdated? Yep, that’s normally what you see and what I post here.

Not this week! This Layton 2-story home has had plenty of updates, almost 5,000 sqft, 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, amazing views from the deck, open floor plan, big kitchen – really just a LOT going for it. Why is it priced so low? It’s better not to ask and just jump on this deal while you still can! (so PM me to see it ASAP).

A great deal at only $85/sqft in Layton where the average price per sqft is over $137/sqft. Did I mention the two fireplaces? Come and get this one before it’s gone!

Call/text us at 801-896-7355 for more info & pics on this & other great deals we’re watching. At any given time, we’ve found between 2-3 great deals in Weber and Davis Counties – call or text for what we’re watching right now.

Let your FB peeps know you think this is a great deal (but ONLY if you’re not going to buy it – you don’t want more competition, do you?)

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